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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Drum roll please

After much anticipation it is our pleasure to introduce Hunter Kade Jeppson. He arrived home today after lunch. He slept most of the afternoon, not because he has jet lag nor because his stomach was satisfied, but because he attended his first "yard sale" this morning and cruelly discovered he was the sale and the price...half off. His first 2 days on earth are probably not anything he will write Home about with any fondness.
Anyway, Mammah bought KFC and we feasted before I showed the kids what quiet time was for. Mammah headed home to her bed alone after dinner and we can't thank her enough. She not only provided loving care to us in 3 states (VA, MD, and DE), stocked our pantry, washed our clothes, hung some blinds over our sliding door in the kitchen, but she even stocked our water softener with 2 bags of salt. These grandmas think of everything.
Ethan has his last day of preschool tomorrow..."And the beat goes on, my friend..."

Monday, May 25, 2009

Whatever his name will be, he is here

I remarked to Chandra that with as quick as Lexi's birth was we caught up all that time with this baby. Hunter was born at 2051 on May 24th (exactly 1 year from the date we signed on our house in VA). He weighs 8 pounds and 5 ounces. He is 19 inches long. Chandra was in heavy labor about 3 hours with the actual pushing lasting probably no more than 10 agonizing minutes. It took forever to get the number up to 6, but once it did it must have only been an hour later an we were holding our son. Chandra went au natural. Her decision to go without the epidural didn't seem to hold up when we had everything in place and she was at the slippery slope of being a 6. But she hesitated long enough to where the baby would have been here and dried off before she would have felt anything. She had a sub-1 episiotomy. I really don't know how much more she would want published, but am sure she will fill in the missing gaps once she is up and running, so I will defer to the nurse about any more details.
Baby Hunter ____, or ____ Hunter, looks great as far as where he just came from and his mode of travel is concerned. His head is not misshapen at all. He cried a little bit once out, but quieted down as soon as his mom snuggled him. He closed his eyes and rested until the mean nurse stabbed him with the Vitamin K shot, but even then he was forgiving and wanted to resume sn
Chandra's parents brought the kids to visit at what must have been 30-45 minutes before delivery. Chandra tried to be brave, but Ethan was very quick to pick up on the vibe that his mom wasn't feeling well and he began to withdraw. They didn't stay more than 5 minutes before leaving. They began waiting in the lobby, but when I called them to share the news, they were getting subs and had to rush back to the hospital.
The kids were very excited; Alexis more visibly than Ethan, but b
oth were not shy about approaching the bed. Alexis wanted to crawl up in bed and join the group. She was all kisses for her little brother. Ethan never did kiss him, but became impatient when he had to wait in a chair a few minutes before getting his turn to hold the new arrival. Once he held his brother he was all smiles and very interested in what would happen next. He is more reserved about showing emotion (like his dad).
Once the party left I stayed behind to help Chandra shower and get comfortable. She told me she felt a connection when she and Hunter first locked eyes. She didn't have any profound words to describe what she felt, but I'm sure every mother knows what I'm talking about. Before getting caught up in the moment we had read an article about our Heavenly Father's Plan of Happiness and how being married in the temple seals children to parents forever; not until death closes this mortal door. I felt a little, maybe echo is the right word, of the depth involved in being an eternal family and am grateful for the privilege of witnessing the miracle of birth for the third time.
Anyway, I must close and go to bed. Chandra should be discharged late Tuesday morning. She has her cell phone with her so call and leave a message if she doesn't an
swer and she will work her way down the list. Trust me, there aren't any decent cable channels on TV for her to watch. Without anyone else there she can't play Skipbo, so she will have some time to chat.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Our Little Energizer Bunny...

It has been about 18-19 hours since we were admitted. Chandra has advanced slowly. She is still walking around and bouncing/rocking on the ball. She is beginning to get really hungry and tired of just popsicles. We have played SkipBo countless times, have read Ensign articles together, watched TV, and napped. At the last visit from the Dr. she was rated as being dilated to a 3 with 80% effacement. Chandra says her contractions are becoming stronger and closer together. If this baby behaves like Ethan did, he should be born 24 hours after the first administration of Cervidil. That puts us around 1900-2000. We have about 3-4 hours to learn what comes after the number 3.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

.......Could be the real thing?

So, we are headed to the hospital to be induced again tonight....I definitely feel like this is it this time! we are 1 week overdue today...only 7 could be worse I guess! I haven't slept comfortable in 3 days now- tossing and turning all night! It's not fun. I've already walked for 35 minutes today on the treadmill. Feel good! The house is as clean as it's going to get....I'm just so sick of cleaning! My 3rd session of acupuncture didn't work. It was an interesting experience. I've never done it before! I went on Wednesday. I was fine with the tiny needles going into different spots on my hands and feet...except for the little toe! I never got used to that spot. I don't care of it's the "most important spot" as the MD stayed! I didn't like it! I spent 20 minutes the first day, 40 minutes on Thursday, and 50 minutes yesterday! I could hardly get off the table the first two days, contracting throughout the day both days but they would fizzle out by night! Yesterdays visit, I sat up with no contractions at all! In my mind, I was saying, "ok....been there, done this, thanks, but I'm finished!" I had to stay optimistic though, especially when the MD came in to say, "we are really going to electrify this little one!" I then asked, "Is this safe?" She laughed and gave lots of reassurance. I closed my eyes and pictured the baby here and holding him. But after all was said and done, Chris and I went to a work party and came home with no "feeling of baby on the way soon." What a stubborn little guy! I hope this doesn't mean he'll be late for everything!!! heehee!
It's been a good week though! I've worked another week with some overtime even! The kids are with my mom and dad and keep saying they'll come home when the baby is here! They have been to a dinosaur museum, bethany beach, ocean city, fishing, rode bikes, helped my mom cut the tall lawn with snakes slithering by. Mom accidently chopped one up with the weedeater. It was hilarious listening to Ethan tell me the story! They have played with cousins and just have been nonstop since they left our house! I'm sure my mom is getting tired though, and I'm ready for them to be home now!
Well, until later....

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

OVERDUE day 4!!!

Somebody PLEASE help!!!!! The baby is just not it a boy thing? I'm trying to stay positive and not get tear-eyed when I think about it...but I'm getting tired and just wanting this kiddo here already! I've done everything shy of the nausea/vomiting/diarrhea lovely oil...which I know will just make me miserable! ehehekekekeke! The baby is moving around so much...and I'm having contractions, just not the steady, painful ones....which now I want!!!! After today's ED shift of 8 hours, I'll have my 40 hours for the week already! Now I can stay off until July 4th and get paid...that will be nice! But, I'm really just wanting this little guy here!
Mom came, conquered and left with Ethan and Alexis yesterday. They are having a blast. Ethan gets so excited to tell me all the fun things they are doing and Lexi is just too busy to chat on the phone! I miss them already, but what mom wouldn't. They are the cutest kids, I think, ever!!! It's really great though that mom can take them for a few days incase I go into labor, finish up some last minute things, and try to rest...or run to get this baby here!!!!! Thanks mom so much for everything! You are a life-saver and I love you very much!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Home the waiting game!!!

After 12 hours of Cervidil and 12 hours of Pitocin we came home. Her status never changed; she was admitted at a dilation of 1 with about 50% effacement and she was discharged at the same status. The nurses couldn't get over what Chandra and I did to pass the time. On top of the racing around and our nurse serving as a pit crew to realign the wireless monitors that kept slipping, we had someone from Chandra's unit send us a pack of SkipBo (we played 3 games), watched TV, surfed the web, read the newspaper, and kicked the exercise ball around the room. Because the wireless monitors had so many issues we became grounded by the 40th lap; and we still had 460 to go. Cabin fever was running rampant and we began kicking the ball back and forth out of boredom; we wanted to be up and let gravity work with us, but we couldn't leave the 10-foot radius allowed by the tubes and wires. Anyway, they enjoyed watching us kick the ball so much they even mentioned it to the physician as part of their report.

membership has its privileges

I am in the hospital room on one of the computers the staff uses. Since I have my passwords as a fellow employee I am posting because I can. Chandra is doing well, but wishes the nurses would increase the pitocin drip rate so we can get this show on the road. She is tired of running her "Nascar laps" around the unit with me pushing her IV pump/pole. Life is alright so far. Her mom informed us this morning that Chandra almost burned up the coffee maker. She dusted it off yesterday so her mom and dad would have some solice while here helping with the kids. She plugged it in, but didn't know the power switch was on. We even commented on the pleasant smell of the coffee beans yesterday not knowing that they were roasting. They roasted overnight and almost burned through the ziplock bag holding the grounds. The filters were crispy. Once all was said and done though, the report was that the coffee tasted the grounds were roasted to perfection, the maker didn't burn up, our house still stands. Anyway, some other trauma for the grandparents first morning on the job...Ethan had a bloody nose and Lexi wet the tent they were sharing during the night. They cleaned Ethan up and took him to preschool. There is more laundry to do today (after Chandra did 3 loads yesterday).
So far it has been the most eventful day without the main event.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Baby Hunter soon to arrive!!!

Our due date is Saturday, May 16th. After my 4 night shifts and 3 hours of sleep, I'm ready to go crazy today with chores, walking up and down stairs, shopping, Ethan's kindergarten orientation and young women's tonight, with a pitstop to Walmart. I'm also going to try and make Lazagna so we can eat off that for a few days! you think I can get it all done....perhaps with a little snooze in the middle!!!! :) I'm gonna try!!!
My mom is coming tomorrow to help recover our family from the baby and get us back on our feet! Thanks Mom....we COULDN'T do it without her....Mom's are the best, aren't they?!
So, we are going into the hospital tomorrow night to be induced/begin the labor thing! I'm dialated to only a 1 but have been having lovely contractions on and off for the last few days...hoping to stay busy so I don't think about it! At the MD's office this morning, my blood pressure was 139/92- WAY high for me. She took it again before I left....110/60- that's more like it! Anywho....we'll post again soon!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

And if the day comes when we are the only women on earth who find nobility and divinity in motherhood, so be it. For mother is the word that will define a righteous woman made perfect in the highest degree of the celestial kingdom, a woman who has qualified for eternal increase in posterity, wisdom, joy, and influence.” ~Sherri Dew

"Motherhood is near to divinity. It is the highest, holiest service to be assumed by mankind. It places her who honors its holy calling and service next to the angels." ~The First Presidency
Happy Mother's Day to all you Mother's out there...Hope your day is an enjoyable, relaxing and memorable one....I know mine was!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Substitute teacher report

Chandra put me in charge of this as she works one of her last shifts before the baby comes. I guess she could always edit whatever I write, but she doesn't realize the position she put me in...should I represent her point of view? of course not.
I guess we should first report on Ethan's 5th birthday party. He had cousins, neighborhood buddies, and friends from school and church at his party. It happened at the park. We had cake and ice cream first followed by presents, games, and a pinata. Among the presents Ethan received were a remote control Corvette, glow in the dark 100-piece puzzle, slip-n-slide water slide, a new bike, a Leap Frog version of a Gameboy, and some other things I should remember but don't. I could post all the pictures I took, but will refrain.

For the games we did some traditional mixed with variations. The 3-legged race was a hit. After binding the partners Chandra and I demonstrated how to arrange the walking pattern. I wish someone could have gotten a picture of us doing that. Anyway, Ethan and his cousin, Haley, followed the instructions and came in first with the second place team halfway behind them. I was impressed. After cutting the strings we had them climb in their own garbage bags and do a sack race. Pretty fun. We mixed partners and had them stand back-to-back. We put a balloon between them and they had to walk without using their arms to hold onto the balloon. One team made it to the end of the race while the other teams popped their balloons on the grass. It seems as if I am forgetting another game. Oh well. Before cracking open the pinata...I mean pulling the string that unraveled the bottom of it, we had them practice popping a little hand held streamer popper (instead of silly string). Inside the pinata everyone had enough to pop off 3-5 each and so they chased each other around like the poppers were water guns.

The weather was wonderful. The breeze was almost too much at times, but it kept the mid-70s temperature from becoming a burden. While Chandra, her mother, and her sister hung out at the pavilion cleaning up and chatting with the other moms, I was on playground duty as well as merry-go-round and swing duty. I discovered a new injury that can happen from spinning the oversized top too hard...I broke a blood vessel in my palm from gripping to slow down. Hold your tears though, a little ice and some extra cake made it all better.

Some funny things have been popping up around the house. Lexi has a tendency to change words to songs or characters she is familiar with and
applying them to her. She loves to listen to a story on tape about Captain Dependable and how he always does what he says. She told her version to her stuffed pet kitties: "Don't worry. I'm Lexi Dependable and I am going to take care of you." She has also taken over Ethan's old bike and loves to race Ethan and try to keep up with him. It is red and has a rocket on the frame. She calls it her "Spaceship Bike" and says it helps her go fast. She has fallen off a few times. When she does she searches for reassurance and climbs back on before her tears have stopped.
Ethan is a good brother. He helps Lexi with a lot of things around the house and waits for her to catch up with whatever he has planned out. He doesn't mind her tagging along too much and has accepted the fact that she usually wants to be around him...even on top of him sometimes. It is very heart-warming to see.
Other than that things are progressing well. There aren't enough spaces on the couches for all of us as it is and in 1 week or less we will have to make one more spot in the van, at the table, on our Queen mattress, and on the couch. Our hearts have already made a spot for baby Hunter.