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Monday, October 4, 2010

Alexis' sayings....

Today Alexis and I (and Hunter) were in the kitchen making lunch. Alexis was playing with the cheese, she loves cheese! Out of the blue, she says to me:
Alexis: Momma (I love that she calls me mamma!) I want to grow my hair out long for Locks of Love like Haley did.
Me: Alexis, that's so nice of you to think of other kids. What made you decide to do that?
Alexis: Well, (then there was a pause) because I want to give my hair to daddy, (with another pause), because he doesn't have any!
Me: Alexis, I love you!
I seriously had to run to the bathroom I was laughing so hard! Poor daddy, yes, he doesn't have much hair left! But, he looks great with it short! And, Alexis is just so thoughtful and sensitive to little things like this! She's my tenderheart child!
Not much else is going on here! The kids are all growing and getting taller! Chris is still studying hard for school. I'm here...just doing what I do best! I love being a momma! :)