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Monday, March 10, 2014

March visit- Mamah & Haley

Mom brought Haley to visit March 1st.  Everyone was very glad they came.  I had to work but was able to spend a few hours in the morning with them.  After I left, they played! Everyone had a turn driving the boat.  Later, Alexis wanted to make and set off her rocket (the last of her Christmas science gifts).  The kids decorated it and then set off in the back yard to set it off with baking soda and vinegar.  Of course, Pap-pap had to supervise.... and it's a good thing he was out there.  The rocket had to be shook hard and then quickly set back on its stand to BLASTOFF!  It went much higher than we anticipated! The kids had a blast too!!!  Thanks for the visit Mom and Haley.  We loved your visit!

Feb. 22nd- Scout Day

Feb. 22nd was a busy, fun day.  Ethan had several activities, one of which was a special dedication of a Fort near our home- Fort Mayland.  A 3 time war Vet dedicated this land with the honor of inviting the local scout Pack 1 to aid in this special day.  I am so glad Ethan wanted to participate in this event.  I think it will be one he will remember for a long time. 
 The flag waving high....with the POW MIA flag underneath it- dedicated to the 2 boys from high school who enlisted with this man and died in their service of our country.  Freedom really isn't free. 
 His wife gave a little speech on the history of obtaining the land and purchasing the cannon. 
 Here is the family.  The man who served 3 times is on the far left- Red coat.  What a sweet family.  These are 3 of their 5 children. 
 Here is a picture of Ethan with his Pack who attended this dedication. 

 Ethan with George- his best friend.

 Later on, Ethan had his Blue and Gold Banquet for scouts.  He is now a Webelo 1 and enjoying working on his pins.  We was thrilled to be getting 2 pins along with his colors.  We are very, very blessed to have the best scout Pack.  These boys work very hard at doing their best and I can't say enough about the dedication and love of all the leaders. 

 Ethan- on the far right....

 Ethan obtaining his colors. We haven't switched his blue shirt yet....we need to though!

Ryan 6 months....

I just can't believe how fast this little boy is growing up.  He is now 6 months and teething/drooling all over the place!  Although he doesn't have any teeth yet, I think they are soon coming in! He is such a sweet baby; he loves to be snuggled and loved on! Dad bought him this little horse and he's finally figured it out and LOVES it! Ryan rolls over from side to side and loves to watch Lucky run around the house and yard.  He knows my voice and when I leave the room, he sometimes begins to cry.  He loves to eat, can't you tell.  He actually has only gained 1 lb. since his 4 month check up.  He's 19lbs 9 oz and 28 inches long.  Ryan loves grabbing his feet and sucks his big toe whenever he gets the chance! Silly kid.  He sits up without falling now...for the most part.  His siblings dote on him whenever they can! We love you Ryan Thomas! Happy 6 months!

Mt. Olivet Church of the Brethren- Valentine's Day

Hunter's preschool, Morning With My Friends, sang for Valentine's Day at a local church down the road.  This is the same Church they sang a few Christmas songs for in Dec 2013.  The kids enjoyed singing for a large group of retired men and women- about 60 of them.  It was really sweet to watch the kids perform their songs.  Hunter enjoys his school so much.  Being the social kid that he VERY much is, any chance he gets to be with 'his group of friends' excites him!  Here are a few pictures of Hunter and his preschool class of 19 kids.
 Hunter with Braelyn and Mason in the background.
 Hunter usually talks about how he plays with/talks/draws with 'his girls' he called them....he's usually talking about Braelyn, Ainsley, Jozelyn, Hope, Lauren or Tori.  I will ask him, "Hunter, what boys do you play with?"  He usually responds with, "Oh, you know, just the girls!"  He is one of a kind, our Hunter!  I love him! He keeps me on my toes at all times!!!

Feb. Snow

Febuary came in like a lion....isn't this the wrong month! We saw ABOVE NORMAL snow fall during this month- we had 14 inches of snow of course during the beginning part of my stretch of days to work.  Bless my's kind of a joke now that the snow follows him whenever he comes to watch the kids!  Thank you Dad...for your patience and for playing with the kids while they were out almost the entire week of school for all this snow! The kids made several igloos....and even showed the neighbor kids how to make some in their yard.  Dad said they spent several hours outside...playing! Here are a few pics of their efforts....

 I think dad was having just as much fun building as the kids were!!!!
 Ethan had been begging to get on my skiis.  Although I would have like to have shown him a thing or two, I was working everyday.  I guess he couldn't wait any longer.  Dad said he loved it; he went down a few small hills first and then the huge hill behind our house.  Ethan did great and loved skiing, although he did tell me it's harder than it looks!  The Olympics inspired him, I know.  I absolutely LOVE the Olymipcs and we watched almost every night until 10ish.  I was very tired those 2 weeks it was on, but the chance comes and goes so quick, I just had to watch!!!!

End of Jan. 2014

Here are a few pics of our happy boy Ryan...bubbles, grins, and chubs! We also started feeding Ryan...he sure let's us knows what he likes and what he doesn't like!
 Ryan enjoys carrots, squash and sweet potatoes....any fruit and mixed veggies are ok....
 Yummy!  I love this picture of him here!
 He does NOT like anything green....peas or green beans....can't get him to eat either one! I enjoy this picture.....he's saying...NO WAY JOSE!!!!!

 So proud of Alexis and Ethan...who both got the Character counts for Jan. in their class for respect.  I love how you both are growing up and becoming responsible!  Can't believe how big both are getting...they are just growing too fast for this momma!
 Ethan asks to take his boat out any chance he can....when it's semi-warm!  I love that he shows Hunter how to put in the battery.  Thank you Ethan for being such a great big brother!
 Here is a picture of all my, love, LOVE them ALL!!!! ;)