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Friday, July 31, 2009

Back on the homefront....

WOW!!!! The past few weeks have just FLEW by....I can't believe that Hunter is 9 weeks old and at his 2 month check-up, the boy is weighing in at 16 lbs!!!! Yes, he is a heavy kiddo and I mostly carry him out of his carseat carrier because, well, it's just too heavy to carry that thing all over...thank heavens for strollers, eh!!!
YAY...Chris took his final today and is hopefully done with biochem! What a crazy hard class! He's really put his soul into studying and I really want it to 'pay off.'
We just got back from my parents house last night....Thanks for all the activities mom and dad. The kids had a blast....swimming, playing with cousins, going to the carnival until 11pm, hermit crabs (I guess it's a good thing to start off with for a pet, eh?), bike was quite a 4 day trip! They loved it though, and I forgot my sorry no pics this time!!!
Today was very busy....we finally got our piano this morning. Our wonderful friends moved to Utah and gave us their yeah, the kids love it and I can't wait to start lessons....It's really nice to have in our home. Thank you again Reed family...We love and miss you guys tons!!! I had a few appointments to go to also today so it was a very busy day!
We are taking family pictures on Tuesday for the first time in 6 years with my side of the it will be very fun with all 12 of us. I was telling my mom that our little 4 person family of me, mom, dad and sister is now 12!!!! Life's wonderful! I will post those pics as soon as I get them!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy 2 Month B-Day Hunter

Boy is this summer going fast! I guess it would with all the fun activities we've done and still have to do! The kids are begging to 'please go to the pool!' Ethan has graciously offered to watch baby Hunter while I'm in the pool with Lexi! Silly Boy. Ethan can stand in the shallow end but Alexis is not there yet. Both are little fish and Alexis is not afraid to just jump in with expectations of someone helping her....even if it's not me near her!!! YES- It is a little bit scary! I want to get Hunter in the water soon....but I just can't do it all by myself so we are patiently waiting for daddy to come with us...perhaps tomorrow!!! Calling for 88*, hot and humid....what a perfect pool day!
Happy pioneer day everybody!!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Summer fun.....

So, Hunter will be 2 months old tomorrow....ahahahahahahahahaha! Where did the time go? I just can't get over how big and fun he is...I remember the others at this's just such a fun stage to be in! So, yes, he is a big, healthy boy...but we have gone on a diet!!! We only eat every 4 hours now....Hunter has been sleeping through the night for about 7 days now....yah for me! I'm getting sleep and it's wonderful.
Ethan and Alexis are really enjoying their summer too! We will be getting our friends' piano soon....yeah! It's very exciting to be able to begin to learn how to play...enjoy some video of the kids...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A day of rest...

Today in sacrament meeting, our main church service, the speaker spoke about our agency to choose in this life right or every situation there is a good and a not so good choice to be was really a great talk he gave. It got me thinking alot about my own choices and what lies ahead...I'm very thankful for prayer- the opportunity that is given to all to communicate with our Father in Heaven.
We came home and fixed tuna fish sandwiches- our family favorite--with cheese and lots of pickles! attempted a rest time...the kids had other plans! I'm just so glad we are able to chat with family and and skype- it's nice to talk with those you love!
Well- until later---hopefully this week will be a little slower with much less going on!!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Market Plane Festival

Today was such a wonderful Saturday! The weather was 80*, very low humidity, slight breeze....just perfect. We woke up and had blueberry muffins, which Lexi helped to make. Then dad went to study biochem for awhile and we played, read, worked on writing, letters, drawing, rode bikes, went around the block, played with neighbor kids. At 2pm we went to an Air Show.. lots and lots of really neat planes (the 2-5 seat ones), gliders, hot air balloons, remote controlled airplanes!!! The kids absolutely loved it! And it was free! I ran into some friends from preschool and work. It was really really fun! Daddy came home and we went to a neighbor's 4th birthday party....a water party! What a great time had by all! Great food, great time spent with friends! We got home and got the kids cleaned up and straight to bed. They all fell asleep in about 2 minutes!!! I love days like today!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Uncle JR....

This past weekend, we went to West Virginia to our family reunion on my dad's side! It was really fun. The food was fantastic...complete with a 90 lb pig that roasted all day...tons of side dishes and lots of yummy desserts! We camped out in a tent, which the kids absolutely loved!!! Hunter and I did take the bed in the house, though! Ethan and Alexis loved going on adventures in the woods, shooting, fishing, boating, feeding a cow with a bottle, camp fire, making s'mores, and being with their cousins and family!!! Of course, they did NOT want to come back home, but the bathtub was calling us, so it was time!!!! It was wonderful to see all the the 'Hunt side' of family. Thanks JR for hosting! It was also JR.'s 50th birthday!!!! What a great way to celebrate!'s a WONDERFUL thing...

Hunter loves to be talked to, read to, played with. He's become quite the interactive boy when he's not asleep!!!

Good morning!!!!

This was taken last week....

West Virginia reunion- last Saturday...

Hunter slept all night last night. I fed him at 10:30 pm and I had to wake him this morning at 7:45 am because he was all cute and stretched out in his bed still sleeping away while I was wet and completely uncomfortable!!!!! But, I LOVED THE SLEEP!!!!! What a cutie he is!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I had to go to the hospital today to give my schedule for when I must go back to work...I was not eager to do this...but I know it must be done! So, just for kicks and giggles I placed Hunter on the baby scale and WHOA!!!! The kid is 15 lbs and some change! I almost didn't believe it...and weighted him again!!! He's a healthy boy....I guess the cream just keeps on comin'! heehee

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Gatlinburg trip....TN!!!

Well, I did end up taking the kids and traveling down half way to Gatlinburg, TN where Chris' family met me and we drove together the rest of the way! It was actually not that bad of a drive. We stopped to see Brad (a cousin) and Brooke and kids . They live about 15 minutes off the interstate! The kids played and jumped on the tramp in the backyard with all the cows in the next field that wanted to play too! We finally arrived at our destination at 10:30 pm on Tuesday, June 29!

Wednesday was filled with sleeping in, shopping in downtown Gatlinburg, TN, back to cabin, rest time, swimming, dinner and movie with ice cream. The kids loved it! This was our warmest day at 89*F, which really was not too hot!

Thursday, we went on a hike in the hills of the Smokies with the kids. The trail followed a river. The kids really enjoyed this; throwing rocks, sticks, petting dogs as they walked by, meeting new people! It was fun! Then we came back to the cabin for rest time and lunch. We met the parents, who went to pick up Natalie, who flew in, at Dollywood and rode rides/saw the park until close, which was 8pm! Early, I know! But we then were able to grill out dinner at the cabin and play until almost midnight with Brad's family before bedtime! Ethan and Alexis both were asking to go to bed that night they played so hard! It was wonderful to visit with everyone back at the cabin.

Friday, we went back to Dollywood and met up with Brad's family. Saw a really neat Eagle show, which kept the kids attention really well. Ethan rode his first roller-coaster! Of course he was screaming and loved every second of it! He got off saying, "That was fun...can we do it again!" His aunts Vicki and Natalie rode many rides with him. Alexis also was able to ride a few. She is not as tall as Ethan and therefore couldn't ride as many rides, but she really enjoyed getting wet on the tube ride!

Saturday we packed it up and came back to Harrisonburg. Brad's family came too....they left a little later than us! It was a nice ride home. Long, but nice. We listened to a book on CD in both vehicles which made the time go by faster and chatted in between stops! Hunter did better traveling home than going down- he sleeps most of the morning/afternoon! We arrived around 5:30ish. My parents had also come down from MD earlier in the day for the blessing tomorrow and we all ate dinner here at our house...Tacos...they were great! Thanks Natalie for all of your help!

Sunday was the blessing of Hunter Kade Jeppson! Big, cute Boy!!! Everything went really well and I especially love the pics afterward with everyone! They turned out great! Dinner was yummy...thank you, honey, for making wonderful rolls, ham, and cheesy potatoes! We also had fresh green beans and cucumbers from my daddy's garden and brownies and ice cream thanks to Vicki!!! I think everyone really enjoyed their time! My parents, luckily, missed the rain in the afternoon when they left to go home b/c they came down on the motorcycle! Brad's family took off in the early evening. The rest of us visited and had fireworks in the driveway here at dusk.

Monday, Chris had to work and so I took the kids up to the Cracker Barrel, in Woodstock, for some lunch with the family, to visit, before they continued on to the airport and flew home! I know it was a wonderful time had by all...Thank you everyone who made this trip possible! We love you all so much.