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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rollerskating, anyone?

Tonight was our church activity of rollerskating! TOTALLY FUN!!! The kids absolutely loved it! Ethan was out there with rollerblades and Alexis and I had rollerskates on! They are always surprising me with the talent they have. Ethan is such a go-getter! He just gets right out there and has at it! Alexis did too, even her timid self just got right out there and when I had to go and check on Hunter, she was going around all by herself and the walker! I even took Hunter in his stroller b/c it was not very crowded at all, which was great! Sorry, no pictures b/c I forgot to take the camera, go figure! But, what a fun night! :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

2 feet of snow anyone...

So, we just got another 2 feet of snow here! Can you believe it? I'm still shocked! Needless to say, tomorrow, we are headed off to by snowsuits, boots, and warm gloves. The jeans and make shift 'snow clothes' are just not working out for this winter! The funny thing is, Tuesday night, they are calling for another 6 inches!!!! SHEESH! The kids are loving it! The snow comes up to Alexis' belly roughly! It's crazy! In waking up this am, Ethan was reminded that today is Sunday and that church is cancelled...again....and then he tells me, "Mom, and so tomorrow is Monday. That means we have NO SCHOOL!!!" Little stinker! The kids missed all week last week b/c of the snow and so we shall see what happens this week!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Ethan and Alexis has their first try at ice skating last weekend! THEY DID GREAT! Ethan is a natural according to my brother in law...who thinks we need to get Ethan in an ice hockey team or something! That was a really fun activity!
Hunter has been crawling all over the place! In just a short week and a day, this kid can really move! :)

Updates in a long post....

So, all I have to say is We have been extremely busy....but hey, who hasn't with 3 kids and both parents working almost full time jobs, eh?!?
Christmas was awesome. The kids really really enjoyed it! We cut down our own tree and the kids decorated it about 10 times with all the games they played of 'hide and seek ornaments'! It was a simple Christmas, the ones I like. Chris worked the morning shift, so we arose at 5AM to 'Santa's come....we have presents!!!' Ethan popped right up and Alexis was hilarous saying, I'm too tired....let's sleep a little longer! It was a good Christmas. They got books, Nurf guns, clothes, puzzles, movies, piggybanks, doll and new stroller, remote control was good for them. Chris and I got a new duvet, power drill, and new clippers to cut hair!
We were able to spend some time at my parents' house and do Christmas up there for a few days together~ all 5 of us went, which was GREAT! The Polar Express train is always a hit with the kids...and mammah and pappap spoil the 6 grandkids too much! We were able to stop at the temple on the way up for a visit too, which was nice!
The month of January has been a fast one...our computer crashed....and so that took almost 2 weeks before we were up and running and we have worked a lot to pay for airline tickets to UT sometime in March/April for Chris' brother's mission farewell to NEW HAMPSHIRE!!! He'll leave April parents 37th wedding anniversary! CRAZY! In the mean time, we have had a few weekends full of snow....we had 2 feet of snow that fell over about 30 hours or so....the kids were out of school 1 1/2 days for that...then this past weekend we had about 6 inches or so. The kids have been out of school yesterday and today AND b/c there is another 2-3 inches of NEW snow right is closed for tomorrow! IT'S been a little crazy with everyone home but the kids have done tons of sled riding! I love watching them. The sled we bought has definitely been put to great use this winter! The funny thing is this weekend, we are to get 2-3 feet more of snow! YIKES! We shall see.....I'll post pics soon! Sorry for the long update, but I'm shocked I haven't updated in so long....such is life sometimes, I guess. OH, and I'm taking piano lessons and LOVING IT! We also bought a digital piano! :)
Ethan is reading more and more each day! Alexis is right up with Ethan, reading better and better, sounding out words and everything! Hunter has 6 teeth now and began crawling!!! AHAHAHA! It's time to baby proof the house! :)