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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Saturday to remember

So, my family came down to celebrate Alexis' birthday and boy did we celebrate! She wanted to go to Down Home on the Farm.  Chris and I were slightly nervous, b/c it's quite expensive with 15 people, but we knew it would work out! 
The day began with going to Christmas in October at Church.  Christina and I got several quick hours to ourselves, which was SO FUN...and needed!  Mom and Dad took all 5 kids while Chris and Ethan delivered Scout bags for food drive in the morning.  We all met up at Main Street in Broadway for the old car show and fall festival.  This was an event not to miss.  Chris left to study and would meet up with us later in the evening at the Farm.  Everyone else ate hot dogs and doughnuts so rich even I could only eat 1 (now that's really saying something).  They were GREAT!  All the activities were free for kids.  There were several boucy houses, 4-H animals to hold, old cars to love (particularly Ethan and my dad) and lots of crafts and music playing.  We spent several hours there.

From there, we travelled home, just down the road, "for a rest" as my sister thinks she is always busy when visiting me! HA! Little did she know I had her and my parents helping me with all the scouting popcorn/peanut sales while the kids played outside! (I love you Christina).  No, I was seriously grateful though.  Ethan's pack sold several thousand dollars worth of popcorn/peanuts and so this was a huge job I was so thankful for their help.  After cleaning up all of that and counting money and tallying, we quickly ate and set off for Down Home on the Farm.  Alexis requested we go there, and so we went.  But, I was so thankful to a friend who told me it was 4-H night (I didn't know)!!! So, instead of paying over $100 dollars, everyone got in for $36 bucks! I was SO thankful!  AND we even had a bonfire with hotdogs, chips, water and s'mores!  It was seriously such a miracle for me!  The kids and adults had a blast!  We rode the cow train, and carousel several times, went down the slide as many times as we could, ate (again), visited the animals, played on the bullheads, swung from the horse swings, played bowling, had a duck race with water pumps AND once it was dark, we did the 45 minute corn maze by flashlight!!! Mom, Dad, Chris and Christina- you guys are hilarious!!! We had a wonderful time!! I feel so blessed to be able to spend time with my family in such a beautiful part of the country!! Here are a few pics!

 Mom, Dad, Me, and Christina....the original Hunt family! (With Hunter trying to get into the picture)

Alexis is 7!!!

So, our Alexis turned 7 on the 17th of this month!  I can't believe it!  She's such a wonderful, smart, funny, loving, gentle, peacemaking sweetheart of a girl!  WE LOVE YOU ALEXIS. She wanted a book, a drawing pad, beads to make necklaces, and new colored pencils.  This was not too much to ask, I she got what she requested!!! Happy Birthday to our sweet girl! 
 She also wanted lots of chocolate icing on her cupcakes instead of a cake!  I decorated the icing all fancy.  She loved them!

She even lost her tooth!!!! What a day!  The tooth fairy came and gave her an extra $1.00.  She was thrilled!!!

Hunter's Fieldtrip

Next on the list...Down Home on the Farm for Hunter; his classes 2nd fieldtrip!  This was sure a great time! ;) It was fun to watch Hunter interact with all his little friends from school.  Here are a few highlights from the event!
 Hunter, Jackson, Britton and Madyson- these were my kids on the trip!
 Hunter was so proud of himself- he picked this one out 'all by myself'. 
 The pig races were a hit!!!!

 And so was everything else!!! The 60ft. undergroud slide, the outside animals- these are bunnies.

 The carosel that he rode as many times as he wanted too....after 2 times, I was happy to sit and watch!!!
The horse named Violet and Donkey named Velvet were gentle and loved to be fed!

No changes here!

What's new over here....Well, let's see.  Hunter loves to paint and draw.  He's going to be Thomas the train for Halloween, so I got a template and we drew it on a box.  Not finished yet, but he's going to be pretty cute, I think! Most Friday evenings, I watch 3 extra kids for exchange during the week (Hunter- babysitting) while I work.  This makes for a little crazy, but ALOT of fun on our Fridays.  The kids enjoy playing football, riding bikes around the neighborhood, eatting popcorn and sometimes having a little movie night.  I enjoy having them here.  With all the other 3, this particular night, we had 6 extra kids, on top of my 6.  The boys were enjoying some football in the back yard.  The girls were all out front playing jumprope, riding bikes and making a beautiful picture with sidewalk chalk!  Fun, Fun, Fun, that's for sure, and I wouldn't have it any other way! ;)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fall is here!!!

On the weekend of September we went on another adventure!  One of our favorite hikes is up New Market Mountain called Storybook Trail. It's a 1 mile round trip paved walk the kids enjoy and with the leaves just beginning to change, it's a beautiful sight! Enjoy this pics.....the kids were pretty funny climbing up the rocks.  Hunter told me he was a "scare-dy-cat" becuase he didn't want to climb some of the tall rocks.  I told him I'd help him and so he was his adventurous self!!!! We enjoyed the day in the mountains exploring more hikes beyond the trail for several miles!  It was a great sunny day!