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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tumbling program

Alexis has been in tumbling for the past several months! She absolutely loves it AND is very good at it! She really enjoys having something that is just for her and she can see how good she really is! Mrs. Harris is constantly telling her how talented she is! She does such a great job! We are so proud of her! Everyone was surprised when we found out about all the students receiving a trophy for their hard work! Needless to say, Alexis was thrilled....her first trophy! She has it placed on her nightstand so it's the last thing she looks at before bed and the first thing she sees after waking up! She is really proud of herself! YAY Alexis! :)
AND as of 5.24, she is now riding a 2-wheeler! Now she can get that big girl bike she wants instead of riding the 'old boy bike'!!!! :)

Alexis' Fun Day!

Alexis' preschool has a Fun Day on the very last day of the year! She had a blast. They do lots of fun activities and have a 'cookout' afterwards with hotdogs from the grill and tons of sides! It was such a great time! I can't believe how much Alexis has grown this past year! She really has blossomed into this beautiful little girl, full of energy and love! I am so proud of who she is! Sadly, we will miss her friends from school. However, these 14 little kids are such a unique and close knit group, I'm SURE we will see many of them over the summer! We are already planning trips to the Washington D.C. zoo along with many trips to local museums and parks!
Here are a few pics of the event.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Alexis' Graduation

Happy 2nd Birthday Hunter!

Hunter's 2nd Birthday party in MD this year! I can't believe my baby is 2! CRAZY how it really does seem like yesterday that he was born! I am so blessed!

May 21st

Mom and Christina ended up taking the kids to Arlington National Cemetery to see my mom's parents and sister who is buried there! WOW! Everyone enjoyed the time there! They found the grave and went to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers! It was neat for the kids to be together visiting and talking with Mom about some of her family history! THANK YOU Mom and Christina!

We got up early on Saturday and headed for the temple!!! YAY!
Mom and Christina met us there and took the kids so Chris and I could do a session at the Washington D.C. Temple! Such a beautiful day to be out and about...and no better place to be than the temple! It's been too long for us. We plan to change that fact, at least during the summer! The kids were excited to be there too! Ethan and Alexis were interested in looking up some family history on the computer in the visitor's center! The outside shot of Chris and I was taken by Ethan! He's getting to be quite the little photographer these days!