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Monday, September 30, 2013

Like brother...

Here are a few pics of the boys.....Ethan  is now 9 years old, Hunter is 4 years and Ryan is 7 weeks today....Can you tell whose who??

What do you think?  I think they are BROTHERS!!!!!

The first 2 pictures are of Hunter- he was 1 month old.  Ethan is next in the 3rd picture at 2 months.  Ryan is the last 2 pictures....he's 7 weeks old today! One thing is for sure- this outfit says 3-6 months and all the boys are Chubs!  Love it!!!

Friday, September 13, 2013

1 Month Young....

I can't believe it!  Yesterday, September 12th, Ryan was 1 month old already! WOW! The time has sure gone by too fast! The kids absolutely love their new baby brother and he's so good really~ only fusses when he's hungry, dirty or wants a little attention...who doesn't want that!!  He is getting super long wearing 3 month clothing now.  He has been sleeping great, going 4-5 hours most nights!  I love that part!  He weighs 12lbs 12 oz and is 23 3/4 inches long!  He is on the top of the growth chart for head circumference, weight and height!  He's a healthy, happy boy....just how we like it!

Hunter and I made a little sign for him and had some fun trying to get him to are our products of the day!  To celebrate Ryan's 1 month and the last day of warm weather, we all went for slurpees after school!  It was a delight!
 Here is Ryan looking at Hunter cooing just a little bit!

 We have a sure solid foundation here, folks....with very long feet! It's so cute!!!  We went for a walk the other night...and poor Ryan was bitten by some mosquitoes on his arm....boy they looked really bad yesterday, but they are small and hardly there today! SHEESH!


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ryan's first Sunday at Church

 Ryan and I went to church for the first time since his birth this past Sunday! It was so nice to be back to Church.  I missed it! I missed learning and the feeling that comes with being at Church! I didn't get a family picture, which I should have because Alexis was so beautiful in her dress and her hair all done up and curly and Ethan wore his new khaki pants and belt with his white shirt and tie!  Everyone looked so nice!  Hunter also has a new white shirt from Asher and Ryan wore his tie shirt...same shirt as all the other boys!
 Here is a half smile I caught!  Ryan is beginning to's SO cute!!! He's also beginning to coo and find his's so sweet!

 Alexis singing to Ryan....he loves to be sang to...puts him right to sleep!
 oh boy....a 'not so happy baby' here!!!!
 I can't get over how much Ryan looks like Hunter in this picture....I see Ethan in him too...but alot of Hunter!
 Hope everyone had a wonderful Sunday! We sure did!  We got home and had dinner in the crockpot....roast, potatoes with vegetable, cottage cheese and pears with water!  YUMMY!!!! We had quiet time and took naps, kids read, and then we had smoothies and played some games! It was a wonderful day!

Superb Septemeber....

Hooray for September. I love this time of year....the beginnings of FALL...and well, of course, my birthday! The leaves are just starting to turn red/orange in color! Ryan is growing and will be 1 month already on the 12th....I can't believe it! Here he is after his bath! Hunter helped me wash, dry and lotion him!  Thanks buddy~ You are a great big brother!
 Catching some zzzzzzzzzzzzzz's.  I wish I could rest like this, huh?!?
 We also went on our first 1.5 mile bike ride.  We LOVE bike rides together! There are many more to come Ryan! This bike trailer was purchased and rode Ethan as a baby...and it's still going strong!

 Hunter helping hold his baby brother Ryan!

Labor Day Weekend~ Bethany Beach

Ryan slept so soundly so I could pack! Thank you buddy!!!  We decided to take off and do one more quick trip to the beach since Chris and I haven't gone yet this year!  It was nice and relaxing.  We stayed at my parents home in Bethany Beach, Delaware and it was so nice to celebrate my birthday relaxing with family!!!  I love my parents home, especially their new bathroom.  I could live in there...well almost! HA!
  My dad finally got his car back after being worked on the past 8 months!!!!  Yes, it rides wonderfully!!!  The kids absolutely love this car....we all rode in it!  Mom even took Ryan and I out while the others were at the beach! HA! It's super nice Dad!!!! Enjoy!!!

 Chris and the kids at the ocean!
 So we all went to the boardwalk this first night to see the concert which was 'A Tribute to Jimmy Buffet'.  SWEET I was horrible!  The band didn't play any Jimmy Buffet songs.  The baby was super fussy....and so we left after 20 minutes or so!  We were actually all glad to leave, come home, get showers and visit, play games for the evening.  We would come back tomorrow night for the Elvis concert....which was AWESOME!!!! The kids were singing ELVIS songs for weeks....

 Christina, Haley and Little David joined us late Saturday night and all day Sunday!  It was nice having them come down.  The kids really enjoyed being together and going to the beach together!  It's always a great time when family is together!!!
 We played checkers.....chess......and other games.....

 We went to CAN'T go to the beach and not stop at Hockers for ice cream!  HOLY MOLY!!!! These cones were one scoop...yes I said 1 scoop.  They are HUGE!!! The kids loved them!
 Mom loved hers too! Thanks Mom for treating us for my b-day!!!!! I love you!
 Low and behold....these are the banana splits.  Chris and I shared one and so did Dad and Christina! DELICIOUS and full of calories....I think this is why we get them once a year! HA!!!
 Haley and Ryan....I just love that the bibs get all turned around so that by the end of the day they are flapping in the wind towards the back!!!!  Cuteness!!!  Haley loved to hold Ryan...and hopes to have a baby brother or sister someday soon!  She was such a helper holding Ryan.  Thank you Haley!!

 Here are Christina and David with Ryan on Monday back in MD before we left to come home!
 Ryan loves his bath!  After the trip, he enjoyed getting all nice and clean! YAY! Hunter helps alot with is bath!  He put on bubbles on his chin and tried to see what Ryan would look like with a beard!

Friday, September 6, 2013

First Day of School....

First Day of School- August 20th~ Ethan- 4th grade- Mrs. S. Goodman (he had a substitute for the first week b/c he teacher very last minute took a different job- Ethan was sad!  I have to say though...the first week of new teacher I was unsure how all this was going to turn out but he's adjusting to her and I think all will be well!)  Alexis- 2nd grade- Mrs. Jessup.  Both are at Plains Elementary.  We love the school.  Both are also taking the bus this year to and from school, which is super nice for me with Ryan.  It's nice to get up early and get going too. 
Ethan and Alexis had great's to another wonderful year!
 We were a little bit late in getting down there! Yikes! Breakfast took too long! LOL!
 Here is a picture of Ryan- if he could talk, I'm sure he'd say, "Enough of the pictures Mom!"
 Ryan in his high chair- the same one all the kids used! I love reusing stuff!!!!!
 Hunter's new love, besides his bike is to COLOR!!!! Of course, he's got Thomas the Train coloring books galore and so he colors whenever he can!!!!
 Bath time again.  Ryan doesn't cry with his bath.  He likes it!  (Just yesterday I gave him a bath and pretty soon, we have to move to the tub...he's getting so l-o-n-g!!!

So, this year Chris and I decided to keep Hunter home and do "Thomas School" with his Thomas workbooks from COSTCO (I LOVE THIS PLACE).  Well, I've never seen a little boy be so upset about not going to school!  We tried to get Hunter into the Preschool program at PES but, of course he didn't make it! Bummer!  Everyday for the entire week, Hunter was up, dressed, bed made, teeth brushed, socks and shoes on and with Ethan and Alexis standing at the bus stop with his backpack on.  He made such a fuss about not being able to go...and then not going to his "Morning with My Friends preschool" the neighbors came out on several mornings to see what all the noise was about!  Talk about embarrassing!  So, after a week and a half.....Chris and I decided to just send him!  Hunter has really grown up so much over the summer.  He listens so much better and is really a good boy!  Needless to say, he was all smiles and "a good helper" at preschool- even his teachers were shocked at the difference (not that he was bad before)!  All these pictures were taken on 8/28~ Here is Hunter at Morning With My Friends.... 
 Here is Ryan with the house all quiet!!!!!
 Here we are again....Ethan wanted to do a pyramid picture....I think it turned out great!!!
 My sweet Hunter boy with his sign again at home just before leaving for school!!!!