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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

5 1/2 weeks and counting....

I am just amazed at how well I have felt...minus being completely exhaused at times when I work and get a few hours of sleep, just to do it all over again for up to 4 days straight! I have really been so blessed though. This pregnancy has really been fun! The baby kicks most of the nights I am working...I hope that I have not created a night owl once he's here....and he is finally head down where he should be and not head up like the entire pregnancy up until about 1 week ago. It really makes for uncomfortable everything when head is in your stomach/ribs and feet are kicking your bladder like 24/7....with a few jabs all at once and not just a kick here and there! Oh the joys of feeling something in your tummy that's the weirdest thing....but it's also quite funny at times...the other night at work, I was balancing some papers and watching as the baby was kicking them off. It's not like they were lessening his space or anything! Anyway, I have only 2 more weeks of progesterone shots in the bum...YEAH! I can't wait...those things DO NOT get easier with time! I take them for pre-term labor. I'm really so blessed to have been able to work as much as I have. Here's a belly shot....and thanks to daily applications of cocoa stretch marks either! Our due date is the 16th of May....Induction scheduled for the 14th! Ready or he comes....

Spring has sprung....

Ethan loves to push his little sister on the swing set! The first thing out of his mouth today was "Is today my T-Ball practice day?" The second thing..."Mom, when can I go outside to play?" Ethan absolutely loves being outside. He keeps himself occupied doing the simplest of things...he just loves to be outside! Lexi and Ethan both are getting so big. I count my blessings everyday for them. Today was a gorgeous day...65ish degrees and such a fun-filled day with mom awake and up doing fun things and dad with us too until 2pm when he had to work! What a fun day...glad that Spring has sprung!!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Desperate playtime

It has rained for several days much to the dismay of the kids. The roads were drying out, but the grass was still too wet. Here is a picture of Lexi showing off and Ethan towing Lexi on their bikes. They had so much fun finally being outside.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fun times with friends....

So, last evening I took the night off and we, as a family went to church for our annual chili cook-off! It was delicious....Chris was one of the judges, so he loved that part! So, sitting at the table, one of Lexi's teachers from Primary class was asking me if I had heard the funny statement Lexi made! It went like this:
Teacher: Name some things that Heavenly Father has blessed us with- Physical things like things we can see and feel.
Classmates: Food, clothes, animals, grass, trees
Alexis: Insurance!
Teacher: What hunny....what did you say?
Alexis: you know, insurance!

What can I say....I think she overheard Chris and I talking about us switching roles at work...and she must have picked it up from that conversation!!!!

Ethan is doing well too and as always trying to be the big brother by doing lots of chores without being asked like making his bed, separating the laundry. Today he even started the laundry without me knowing it....a little too much soap...but hey, I'm impressed!!! I can't believe how much the kids are growing up. It makes me so happy....and yet so sad!
Pregnancy is going great! Baby is kicking all the time and the best thing is that I only have 4 more IM injections in the hip/bum to take!!! YEAH!!!!! I hate those things...I love to start IV's and give shots but am horrible at being on the receiving end.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Sayings from 'a little monster'

Mom: Lex, please stop picking your nose....get a kleenex and I will help you blow if you need.
Lexi: Well, mom! If you had as much stuff in your nose as I do, you'd pick it out too.
Mom: Go and get a kleenex and you can blow it out
Lexi: Mom, I can't. It tells me to pick, so I pick!
What am I going to do with her!!!???!!!
Thanks for the helpful hints...When I get some time after this weekend, I will attempt a few things.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


So, everyone else has such cute blogs....I'm trying to update ours. How do you change the top to say words....a few pics....ect? I've tried a few things....but nothing works! Also, any ideas on videos? I've tried to use the blogger video....but after so long...I just figure it has frozen long do the videos take to upload? Do I just need to be patient longer and wait?!? Also...I would like to put music to our blog. How do I do that? I know these things are probably so simple and I'm just the 'new kid on the block' whose just learning but ....someone help!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Car Wash Mahem

This is probably my first post on this blog, but it was a good laugh and I should share it....
To get the kids out of the house we went to wash the car. Ethan was very excited about using the power sprayer. I put the money in and sure enough, as I experienced when his age, he was blown into the wall when the spray kicked in. I held onto him and Lexi--who was squealing about not wanting to get sprayed--and our troop worked our way around the car. I heard the beeping and tried to get the kids to make their way back to the beginning in order to add more quarters. I repeatedly told Ethan just to spray the car and my reminders became louder and more frantic as Ethan was deviating more and more away from the car and...Yup, he got me.
He ended up doing a 360 and blamed it on the sprayer. The string of cars waiting for the automatic wash got a good show watching the Dad hollering behind a cloud of mist with the Girl squealing while the Boy was grinning and still spraying.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Welcome to March.....

March is such a fun particular reason! Usually winter is on it's way out and the very beginnings of spring are starting to show. Well, it is snowing buckets right now! We already have about 2 inches from earlier in the day, and now it's a beautiful, delightful winter wonderland! Too bad both Ethan and Lexi have pnuemonia!!! "Just a titch" says the MD but both have a follow up appointment on Tuesday! Oh, I hope they get better. You just hate to see your kiddos sick and feeling rotten! Actually, both Lexi and Ethan have been pretty pleasent until night time comes...they cough and cough and cough all night long! Albuterol nebs bring Lexi to a heightened state...she jumps around for atleast 1 hour after her nebs are given! Ethan has been asking for treatments so he can be hyper too! No way, hosea! What a sly thing he is. When Lexi is getting her treatments, he will get really close to Lexi and breathe in the vapor too. Lexi has been "sharing" her treatments with Ethan! What funny kids they are! Luckly, Chris and I are not sick....well, I just sick of working so much but nothing new. The baby is kicking all around most of the night! I often think I have made this boy a night time kid...hopefully things change once he is born!
Chris has been a saint....keeping the house together and I leave a list everyday with a few things and he gets them done! What a great MR. Mom!
I've actually been feeling great, except for being tired on my stretch of shifts on. I can't seem to get enough water! The baby is busy growing because it's all I can do to keep my lips from peeling off. I feel so dry! I think it's the hospital dry air getting to me! During a regular night shift, I usually consume 3Liters of water! Running around the unit as busy as we are right now, I'm constantly running to the bathroom and I feel like I'm growing everyday! Is that possible!!!!!
So...we have come up with a few names...but why are boys names harder to come up with than girls? Any suggestions?
I'll put some pics on next post!
Poor Chris' family is stuck in Florida until Tuesday at least because of the often does FL get snow anyway?!? Atleast being from UT they all know how to drive well in it! Good Luck guys!