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Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Much Needed Update!!! has been quite awhile since the last post....thanks to all the many things we have been working! But, I have been really working with both Ethan and Lexi on their writing! I try and do at least 1 writing page and one fun page each day...sometimes it doesn't happen, but when it does, Lexi will usually squeal in delight b/c she loves to play school and Ethan will say, "After this...can we ride bikes?" That usually does it for him and he'll quickly finish to go outside! I would post the pics but it has our address, his know....sad to say but stuff I don't want to be out there for the wrong person to see....isn't that sad!

So, Chris' Birthday came and was a crazy week and I picked up some extra...but we were able to go out to dinner and ice cream....everyone loved that part! He's now the big 3-0 and still going strong! Happy Birthday, hunny!!! He got some nice gifts and some needed rest from his night shifts plus school during the day that week!

We decided to put Ethan in T-Ball this year! He loves of the boys in his preschool class is on his team and he likes going to hit the ball. We are still working on the outfield...keep your eye on the ball....he can throw pretty well and really likes to go and be outside. Here are some pics from some of his games....

I was also able to go for a few days to visit my parents and sister for a weekend. Of course the kids and I loved getting outta town for a few is always so nice to be with family. I miss them. My sister's family is growing with her oldest 2 already 8 and 7 years old and her baby is already 9 months!!! He's just such a sweet boy and is very photogenic! Smiles whenever you look at him. It was really nice for me to watch Ethan and Lexi with little David and see how kind and gentle they are with him! Lexi is especially sweet talking to him and stroking his hair or back telling him..."Hi, little David" in her baby voice! It's very touching! Mam-ah and Pap-pap of course spoiled them! Here are some pics....

THANKS UNCLE DAVE for giving the kids this helicopter that flies and lands on a base with 2 flies really really fast with new batteries in it...the kids are still playing with it for hours.....

Ethan participated in a Trike-A-Thon to raise money for St. Jude's Hospital....Ethan kept telling people....It's for a good cause, don't worry! He's hilarious sometimes! Anyway, he really enjoyed riding the course with the trikes....even though he kept telling me how he would be able to ride faster with his new bike! Here are some pics....

Ethan's birthday is coming up....he'll be 5!!!! Oh, where has the time gone? He is so tall and weighs 53lbs now....and this past week, he got 4 shots...2 in each leg...he took it like a champ, so brave! I just can't believe he is growing up so fast!
Baby is doing well....a few more weeks till he's here....I am very excited and nervous....and uncomfortable most of the time now...the last few weeks are always rough. Chris' work gave us a baby shower...a diaper shower! We were so touched...all those diapers! People are very very sweet to have given so freely. My work is giving us a shower also...this next Monday! It will be fun, I have no idea what they are planning but they are all really crazy, fun girls....I can't wait!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools....NOT!

So, I was planning to write some funny story about how I was able to play a joke on someone...or something...but today was quite a day of firsts...for not just me...and no jokes here today! I registered Ethan for Kindergarten today....and I cried. I know public school is parents placed my sister and I in private school and I that's what I know. We were pushed and challenged at every corner! I know it's such a benefit to at least give them 2 years if possible to get that jump start on learning and reading and everything else that goes along with school, but around us now...private school for kindergarten is about $7,000.00!!! UUUMMMM, we can't afford it...end of story! So, not being an option, but trying to give our kids the best we can, I work with them at home...and I know Ethan and Lexi both are very smart kids and will do well, but it still pulls at the heart strings so much to send him out into the world such a young, innocent little kids! I am just so grateful for the gospel and that Chris and I can teach him right from wrong and allow him to see how choices effect people's lives! Anyway, public school it is...and all will be fine, I know...and I wrote that I wanted him to be challenged. The registration lady told me not to worry and that he would be challenged if that's what we wanted! So, I was reassured although I was such mixed emotions!
Then this afternoon, when Chris came home, I was telling him that we needed to raise Ethan's training wheels and begin the process of riding a bike. I was so tired so I took a nap with Lexi. I woke up to "Hey mom, I did it...Watch me!" So, outside I went onto the driveway, and here is Ethan....only 4 still (5 on the 25th of this month), riding a bike!!!! I was so happy...I cried again! Ethan was so proud of himself and had on his knee pads just in case he fell. Chris took him down to the tennis courts in our development to practice and said that he fell only a few times....before he got the hang of it! He was so proud of himself! I was so proud of him! He kept telling me his process of getting was so hilarious to listen to his thinking and reasoning behind getting balanced and pedalling! I loved listening to him!
Tonight was young womens....and Ethan was telling some girls...
E: Hey Valerie, you wanna know what I did today?
V: sure!
E: I was a little nervous and sweaty but I put on my helmet and knee pads and my dad helped me the first few times and then I rode my bike all by myself. Then he told her all about having one foot down to balance and the pedal up with the other foot up and how he balanced with the down foot and pushed with the up foot and up pedal...and then he was off! It was so cute to listen to him put it in his own words!!! What a big boy he is getting to be!
Alexis has now been dry 4 out of 5 nights and naps....hopefully this is going somewhere...I really hope so...She can...she's just lazy about getting up and going to the bathroom. She'll tell me..."Mom, I already went potty last night...I don't need to do it again!" What a girl!!!
What a day for all of us!