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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Washington D.C. Temple

Paul Cardall came to play piano at the Washington D.C. Temple Visitors Center.  Boy, we couldn't miss this at all!  Chris and I took the kids out of school at 1pm and up to D.C. we went!  It was a wonderful, spiritual, family fun-filled event!  We went with another family from our Church.  This kids really enjoyed listening to him play!  He's AMAZING!!!! The lights were absolutely beautiful and seeing the temple just increases my testimony of our Savior.  He lives and loves us...I know He loves me and knows me personally!  We are blessed beyond measure! Here are a few of my favorites!

Santa Claus is coming to town....

 Santa came to Ethan's cubscout Pack meeting.  Here are a few pics of the kids...

 He also came to Hunter's Christmas Preschool party!  Hunter enjoyed himself!

Christmas is coming......

It's getting cold outside, finally!  We took a a break from our activities to enjoy just being home for an entire weekend!  Here are a few shots of my beautiful kids!  I love you Ethan, Alexis and Hunter.  You sure are growing tall and learning so many new things!

Popcorn and Gingerbread house....

 Ethan, Alexis and Hunter wanted to string some popcorn for our tree!  So, our family home evening activity was just that! 

 We also can't forget to make a gingerbread house!  The kids did a great job!  This is the first year they also destroyed it the same night to eat some of the house and candy!  AH! I wanted to savor its look at least overnight, but no one else felt this obligation! It was a great night of family fun with yummy treats!

Love on a Leash Field Trip

I love Hunter's Preschool- each child has gone there!  Hunter went to Love on a Leash.  This fieldtrip is especially neat b/c it helps teach the kids what to do with strange dogs as well as how to treat other dogs- something sometimes Hunter forgets!  So, this was a wonderful, quick trip to see some dogs in action! It was fun! 

Here is a video of Hunter going through one of the obstacle courses set up for the dogs.  I think he enjoyed this trip!

O Christmas Tree......

 This is our 3rd year of cutting down our own tree!  We enjoy this experience as a family so much!  We usually go the first Saturday of the month and find our tree.  Ethan cut the whole thing this year!  I think the kids did a marvelous job of finding a great looking tree!  They wanted to try the longer needled tree this year, so we did!  I loved it!  Aside from Ethan's sinus infection 2 days after bringing it home, all is well!  I do think this next year, we might use our artificial one!

Novemeber days 2012

 Hunter learned how to say, spell and write his name this month! YAY! He's getting to be such a big boy!

 Daddy and the kids! We love our time with Daddy!
 Alexis worked on her project at school.  She works so hard at what she does!  We are very proud of her!
Lucky and Ginger sharing a bone!  Well, trying to share it...until one feels more entitled than the other- then the dogs fight! These 2 are more like brother and sister!

Hunter's Halloween party

Here are a few pics of Hunter's Haloween party at his preschool.  He went as Thomas the Train and looked so cute!  This party was moved b/c of Sandy, so unfortunately our family was unable to make it, but Hunter had fun!  He sang songs, played games and ate so yummy treats! Here are a few pictures of the event!

 Also, one very AWESOME thing was that when Grandma/Grandpa/Aunt Vicki came, they brought me my early Christmas present and Jolene and I got all the cutting of the fabric for Hunter's quilt for Christmas!  I was SO excited!  THANK YOU Jolene and Dana!  I LOVE the sewing machine and I LOVE you both! Merry early Christmas!  Here is a picture of the front of Hunter's quilt finished the same week the parents left!  I worked late into the night to get these done.  Each child will be getting their first mother made quilt!  I am very elated to be doing this for them! ;)


We had a surprise visit from Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Vicki for Halloween!  What a treat!  This is the 3rd year in a row...I wonder if it will be the beginning of a family tradition?  We really enjoyed their visit!  Although the weather didn't quite cooperate with only 1 good day of sun, we had lots of fun with activities Grandma and Aunt Vicki brought with them.  We were visited by Hurricane Sandy Sunday/Monday/Tuesday and so the kids were out of school their entire visit!  Good timing.  It was a huge blessing that the airport had just began to fly out the evening of the Jeppson's flight back to SLC on Halloween Evening!  Here in VA where we live, we saw very little effect from Sandy- rain and wind- but nothing severe whatsoever!  We were very thankful! Here are a few pics....