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Monday, October 14, 2013

Special day for a special Mommy....

Well, tomorrow is a special day for someone pretty special in my family....It's my Mom's birthday!!!  She's...well- she's one year older and wiser!  I'm very glad she's my mom and I hope she has a wonderful day!!!!  I love you Mom!
A blast from the past with a few have taught me so much about myself!  You have come to visit me wherever I the US!!! Your the best Mam-mah to my children and they love you VERY VERY much!  You do things with them...take them places, read to them, you love them and they love you!!! Hope you have a wonderful birthday!  Enjoy these moments and now you have 7 big teach and honor you!!  I think that makes you pretty special! Thanks for being you mom!  HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!


Sunday, October 13, 2013


Blessings come....some come quickly, some take a long time, some come in heaven....but they come!!!  Come what may and love it!
This picture was taken this morning before church.  It is of my most treasured blessings of all.
Today, after church Chris left for South Carolina....where he will start tomorrow as an Athletic Trainer for Coker College.  This job is a blessing to our family in so many ways and although we are very sad to leave behind the beauty of's mountains, color, people, our so many many friends and all the fun activities Broadway has to offer....we are looking forward to what we can find in Hartsville, SC!!!  I will come with the kids hopefully VERY soon....once we sell our home!!!  We are nervous, excited and everything inbetween!  Most of all, we are moving forward in the next chapter of our book of life...together!  Please pray for us!  It will be hard work to keep things together on the homefront until we are able to be together again but my dad is coming to rescue us for a little while!  Thank you Dad!!!  I am most thankful to my loving Heavenly Father who never leaves me, who loves me unconditionally.  I am blessed beyond measure!

October Happenings....

Well- Fall is in the's cooler and rainy...and I love the BEAUTIFUL colors...reds, yellows and oranges in the trees here!!!  We've been quite busy around here too.....
Hunter working hard on his last book before Kindergarten....He's already completed his certification for Shapes, Colors, Numbers and Patters.  I think he's doing great!! Go Hunter!!! 
 Ryan rocking out in his chair....while we work.....
 Our sight as we pulled up for Ethan's hunting fieldtrip....well, not hunter but Ethan wished so! LOL!
 We have a Monkey in the house....someone quick..... Dad was not happy....I just laughed!!  It was an easy fix though....and a lesson learned!  Can you guess who was hanging from the towels.....yep!  H Bro......
 We made marshmellow popcorn again for Sunday afternoon....yummy and super easy!!!
 Happy Happy Happy Happy Ryan.....Thank you Holsingers for letting us borrow a few 'toys' for Ryan....a swing and mat....Ryan LOVES them!!!

 And our Van rolled over 100,000 miles the beginning of the month!  Can't believe it!  We put all but 2 miles on this van....and here's to many, many more!!!! We love our Honda Odyssey!!

September Moments.....

 Hunter has probably put 30+ miles (easy) on his bike this month alone....His new LOVE.  During this month, he also learned how to start himself look out world!!!! Here comes Hunter! LOL!
Ethan and Alexis too ride when ever they get the the library and back, to Heritage Park and back, on the 3 miler, around the neighborhood....the possibilities are endless!! I really love that they enjoy this great pastime to ride with their Dad and I whenever they can!! 

 It was Hero Day at school.....Ethan as a Webelo and Alexis as a nurse! Go guys! You are so adorable and Mommy is so proud of you!!!!
 Hunter and I play with Ryan during the day.....sweet boy is growing so big....and looking more and more like his brothers!!!

 Ethan and Alexis at Family Fun Day for Scouts....doing the 3 legged race...and having a great time in the mist of rain!!! ;)

 Can't find Hunter.....try the bathtub!!!!  I told Chris the other day that it was WAY too quiet and he couldn't find Hunter....I went looking and found him here....ASLEEP!!!  Cute boy!
 Carmel Popcorn and Apples.....THERE IS NOTHING BETTER....ON A SUNDAY AFTERNOON!!!!  THANK YOU MOM JEPPSON for this family recipe that the kids beg for.... well and adults too!!!! ;)