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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

What a fun weekend we had here! Saturday was just perfect! We awoke and got ready for the day, doing a few of our 'Saturday chores' before heading over to a friends' home for lunch! They live on a farm and we had such a fantastic time seeing their new cattle, gathering the chicken eggs, and playing in the dirt pile! The kids were in heaven. I was in heaven too, being able to visit with one of my friends! :) It was wonderful!

We came home and found a package waiting for us from G-ma and G-pa Jeppson from UT! The kids really really enjoyed that! They are so creative in sending 'fun' things the kids love! Alexis just wouldn't put her new princess journal with feathered pen down! So cute! Thank you so much!

Then I loaded the kids to the neighbor's home who graciously watched them so Chris and I could have a Valentine's dinner 'date'! It was just perfect. We really don't get to spend the time together these days, it was so wonderful just to sit and chat! I love you Chris. Thank you Chesters for watching the kids!

Today was wonderful! I have really needed the last 2 Sundays...I completely felt like the Sunday School( Gospel Doctrine) class was meant just for me and I'm so thankful I was in attendance! Chris came home and I made Shepards Pie, a simple but yummy meal all enjoyed! We played some games ( we LOVE games over here)!!! Great afternoon home hanging out and being together!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday fun...

So this morning I arose from my slumber and decided to make a big breakfast! Soon enough, the smell of bacon awakened everyone except my exhausted husband, whom I let sleep until breakfast was all cooked! I was watching a friends little boy, James, whose such a good boy. We all had bacon, pancakes, and scrambled eggs with cheese! YUMMY! The kids enjoyed it thoroughly...ate almost everything! Chris then left to study, and after contimplating on what to do with my day, I decided to go to the Hburg Children's Museum. We ran into a few people we know, which happens quite frequently! Decided to eat out at Chick-fil-A and also ran into some friends from our church! YAY! It was me and the 4 kids...but it was a very fun time! The kids were very good! With everyone's belly full, I took the long way home so they could get a rest and came home to play here! What a great day! I'm very tired though and am thinking I'll curl up with the Ensign in bed and see how far I make it before I fall asleep! I think the kids had a FUN and HAPPY day! :)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Christmas a few days later in MD!

Christmas....our home!

This Christmas was spent at home. It was one of my favorite memories of the entire year. We focused this year on family traditions. We spent time together. We drove to see the Christmas lights, we watched the Polar Express on Christmas Eve, we read Luke 2 and talked about Baby Jesus being born. I loved that we had the Little Peoplle nativity set for the kids to play with and sing and rock baby Jesus. We each shared our testimony of the love we have for the Savior. I really just loved being together and spending time together just the 5 of us! It was very memorable! Christmas morning we made a big breakfast and had the kids wait so we could SKPE Chris' family in UT! We were able to talk for over 2 hours. It was wonderful! I really felt so connected and very close, even those we are in VA and they are in UT! It was so relaxing and wonderful! We called and spoke with my family as well. We spoke with Chris' brother on a mission that evening. It was truly a memorable Christmas!

CHRIS update!

So the first semester is over and checked off our 'list'. 6 more semesters to go! Chris has learned so much and although he has alot more learning to do before he's finished, he enjoys what he's doing and that makes me happy! The kids don't miss a prayer asking Heavenly Father to bless their Daddy with help on tests or a blessing to get home safely (out late nights studying). I remind them often that Daddy is going to back school so that he can get a better job and support us when he's finished. I think the kids understand. Of course we miss him terribly, but in the end, it will all be worth it! We love our DADDY! :)

more January....

Hunter loves to give kisses to EVERYONE who will take one! I take them all the time! :)

Alexis working on her flexibility with her bridge making! We are so proud of her! She really enjoys tumbling and is really good at it!
A few weekends ago about 5 inches of snow feel and the kids had a blast! :)

THANK YOU GRANDPARENTS Jeppson and Hunt for the 4 wheeler Christmas gift! It IS an absolute here! :)


Jan 20-22nd was spent in Maryland....celebrating Christina's 29th Birthday and Haley's 9th Birthday. We had a very enjoyable evening at Christina's home on Friday night and went to the Cheesecake Factory on Saturday for lunch. YUM YUM!

Mom and is always talking when I snap the picture!

Happy 29th Little Sister! :) I love you!

The older kids were absolutely elated b/c they got to sit in a booth all to themselves and order whatever they wanted (well, somewhat!)! :)

Hunter loves this Zebra toy.... and he loves to play with the Wii too!

Eatting birthday cake on Friday night.

Hunter and Uncle David!

Say Cheese!

We did get about 5 inches of snow so the kids loved playing in it! They even helped me shovel! YAY!

Alexis loves her tumbling class! She wanted to do something just her, so we decided to put her in a class just down the road here. She really loves it and is home practicing her donkey kicks everyday! :)

I love this picture!
Ethan lost this top 2 teeth in 2 days this month! He wanted daddy to pull them and he sure wasn't scared! What a brave boy! :)
Hunter 20 months...usually keeps us on our toes...and with LAUGHTER!


This is Hunter's cheesy grin....LOVE IT!