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Sunday, July 4, 2010

What a ride....

I am very sorry for not posting sooner! What a busy busy time in our lives right now, but also what a fun time! We have worked alot but I do feel like we have played more! I will post picks later on in the week of what the past month has brought our way, but until then..... this is what we have been up to:

Ethan has lost another tooth. It was the second middle. So now he has the bottom 2 middle teeth missing. His adult tooth is beginning to show now from the first tooth he lost! His smile is priceless! I love it! The tooth fairy did come for another visit and left a few surprises Ethan was excited about! :) He also finished swimming lessons and absolutely loves the pool. His is definiatly a little fish! He loves to throw those water balls and coins and let them drop to the bottom of the 4 ft and then goes and gets them. He does really well at it! He is looking pretty tan, even with sunscreen applications!

Alexis is also doing very well~ she loves to read and is very good at it! She trys everyday to show me her 'loose tooth' which is not loose at all! She really tries to keep up with Ethan in every way and can't wait til the tooth fairy will visit her! Silly girl, :) !! She also finished swimming lessons and is very good at it! Once you pull her away from the wall, she really loves it! :) She is loving her brothers and really enjoys all the play time this summer!

Hunter is getting his 1 year molars now! He really enjoys the pool too! Since his ear tubes, he has really eaten better, slept much better(through the night now), and is such a happy big boy! We love him so much! He is such an easy baby, just happy to be doing whatever it is we are doing that day, just give him his naps and he is a happy boy! He has started running now!

Life for us mommy and daddy has been such a joyous one! We have definiatly found more days to 'be together as a family' this past month. We have honestly cherished the time with each other and our kids! We are SO blessed. Yes, things have gone wrong, like the washing machine dying and the purchasing a new one which was completely wonderful and aweful (the pricetag) but oh well! We have been:
-to the various parks in the area with our friends
-to the various libraries in the area for reading/story time each week
-to the Washington DC zoo
-to the Washington DC temple and visitor's center
-biking around our neighboorhoods and bike trails
-up to Massenutten Waterpark for the kids 'free day'! The kids thought this was amazing- they were so excited, especially Alexis. She was jumping up and down and getting red in the face with excitement! Love just thinking about it! Their favorite things were the wave pool, water slides, tube slides, and lazy river!
-camping out on the deck! :)
-camping in the tent in our room! :)
-Muppets in Space for the free movie at the local movie theater!
-saw Toy Story 3
-went everyday to Girls camp with mom, and had an absolute blast with the fire every night!
....what a fun month! Mom is still doing her piano each week or so and dad is having fun cooking up some concoctions which mostly have been delicious! THANKS DAD! :) We are looking forward to some of the other little things we have planned this summer! Luckily, most of what we have done so far has been free! That's been such a great little blessing! It has really been quite the ride!