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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hunter's haircut...

After pictures:

Before pictures:

AWE! I know it's time to cut hair when it's almost his eyes....I don't know why I was holding off so long, maybe just because it's the 'little boy look', but whatever it is, it's done! I love my kids! Each one of them has such personality and spunk! Hunter desperately needed a a haircut he got!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4 plus one...

So, we took back one of my neices to spend some time here with us for two weeks before we head to our huge family reunion in West Virginia! We have had an eventful 2 days so far! Unfortunately, it was raining hard when we entered the 'Valley" we call come, so we did not go to any of the 4th celebrations around our home. We pulled in the driveway and I honestly wanted to sit and rest, but GO GO GO! LOL! We emptied out the van and then enjoyed a 3 mile bike ride. Luckily for us, the rain had stopped for just long enough for us to get home before it begain again! It was cool and nice weather for a bike ride! We came home to popcorn and movie, which was enjoyed by all!!!
Today, we got up, did chores, ate breakfast, went to swimming lessons for Ethan and Alexis ( with Haley and Hunter in the baby pool having fun), lunch, 2 loaves of bread made by Haley ( she was thrilled), homemade pizza for dinner, riding bikes, back to the pool, home for shower, and out for ice cream! Scriptures and bedtime for these kiddos!!! :) What a great day! Here is a picture of Haley with her first bread loaf! It was delicious, especially with Strawberry freezer jam on it! There's nothing like fresh bread still warm with homemade jam! YUMMY! :)

More Birthday parties...

I just love my neices and nephew! They are such little blessings to our family! They play so well with our 3 kids and to watch Lil' Dave and Hunter at their best....IT IS THE BEST! From muscles, to high 5's to hands in their pants, they are just a loveable MESS!!!! :)

Little David turns 3 on the 7th! WOW! AND Haley is 9 1/2! She has not had a birthday party the past 3 years for one reason or another, so, Christina decided to go all out this year! Another pool party/BBQ/campout it was! I think everyone enjoyed themselves, I know we did! :)

Breanna's 11th Birthday!

Well, my oldest neice is now 11! Wow, how is that possible? You all know how time flies when you are having fun, so, yep...totally possible! I'm so glad we went to MD to share in the festivities of it all! And, we had a blast! :)