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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Swim Team: Sharks vs Spotswood

So, today was Ethan and Alexis' 2nd swim team meet!  I have not posted about the swim team yet, mostly because these days, I am running around busy and just haven't made time!  I'm sure most moms are sitting around during these summer days also! LOL, right moms!!!! Well, Ethan heard about the Broadway Sharks swim team from scouts!  AND HE WANTED TO DO IT!!! Well, so did Alexis, so here we GO!! Honestly, I'm so very glad we did!  They both can swim, but need more practice with refining strokes and are working towards becoming stronger swimmers!  I'm SO proud of both of them! They are working hard AND loving it, which in turn makes me so happy! Some days, we go to practice both morning and evening, some days only evening practice.  Needless to say, Hunter's 'dress' for the day is mostly his swimming suit and matching shirt!!  His hope is to be in the little pool while his brother and sister are practicing in the big pool!!!!

Our first swim meet was against Spotswood on June 19th.  It was so fun! Everything was so new....and Ethan and Alexis were slightly nervous only because they didn't really know how everything would flow together...and I was no help because this was also my first time!  Chris came from school to watch the kids! The pool deck there was was seriously organized choas!!! But still, it was fun to be there and watch everything unfold.  The kids enjoyed themselves and did their best!! Alexis was in one event- the Freestyle- 25 meters.  She did AWESOME and made it all the way- her time was 59.36- she was 12th out of 12- and I was so proud of her! The first thing she said to me when she got out of the pool was "Mom, I swam hard the whole way!" YES YOU DID ALEXIS!!! She was all smiles and I was so proud of her! She did AWESOME!!! Ethan did equally AWESOME with his events- the Breast stroke, which he was disqualified for not keeping his feet turned out, and the Freestyle~ which he timed a 39.35 second 25 meters- he placed 13th out of 19. 
My goal for them is to learn new skills, improve their time, become a stronger swimmer and HAVE FUN!!!! So far, they are achieving these goals! Here are some pics from the first swim meet!

Ethan and Alexis on the way to the Meet!
 Ethan and Daddy!
 Alexis and Hunter
 Alexis with her Daddy getting pumped up to swim!
 Ethan in his first event!
 Ethan with his friend Luke!!
 Smiling Hunter boy!
 Hunter with his buddy Cole!
 Alexis swimming her race!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Week of Wonder.....

This week is beginning wonderfully! Sunday I picked up a 4 hour shift before going to church to have my cup filled for the upcoming events of my week!  I enjoy the sweet feeling of peace when I contemplate the Saviour's love He has for me.  Without Him, I am nothing!  I went fasting for a special purpose~ a family member-distant- lost the oldest of several children this past week.  Tanner was 17, at just the beginning of his life, when he drowned in a lake at the beginning of a High Adventure Camp.  I just kept thinking about the work Tanner would be doing on the other side.  I kept thinking about the family he has left behind to weather the storm of this life without him, although he is right by their side.  I came away comforted.  Even at dinner as Ethan blessed the food, I thought about this family, now with one empty chair at their dinner table, folding laundry for a boy who will not wear his clothes.  But, I was thinking also about a quote from one of our Church leaders I heard in Sacrament: Our own personal cross(es) are easier to bear if we keep moving forward.  Don't let Satan get the best of you- keep your heads up, continue to progress, one step at a time.  I needed to hear this.  I am grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ!

Today, I volunteered at a local park for a Cub Scout Camp- going all week.  It was absolutely so much fun!  I helped out with the craft section.  We made 2 crafts, a leather bookmark (with mallets and stamps the kids had to hammer onto their bookmarks) and a clown (which was either a magnet and/or a hankerchief holder for their sash).  7 groups in all...about 85 kids total.  Everyone had a great time!  It was so fun for me to watch Ethan with his buddies: getting to know them better, interacting with his leaders, having fun!  I just sat back and watched these boys~all different shapes and sizes~come together to accomplish something on their own AND together.  Some are learning new skills, some are new to scouts, some old pros, but all helping each other and enjoying it!  I had such a great time myself!  Here are some pics for the day!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tooth Fairy Visit

Alexis has finally after about 5 days lost her top left tooth! We will get a special visit this evening! YAY!!!

 After her tooth was out....she said, "Mom, it hurts a little bit" with a few tears! Silly girl!
 After finding out her tooth was hollow in the middle, she's all smiles! Look at this beautiful smile! ;)

Here's my tooth!  This is Alexis' 3rd tooth she has lost.  She completely let daddy pull both her others and was not going to let anyone touch this one! Finally she had daddy "just pull it" because it was literally dangling out!  I was afraid she was going to swallow it! After brushing her teeth tonight, she said, "Mom, I look so different and can't wait to drink with a straw and not even open my mouth!"  The things kids think of, right?!?!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Trains, Trains, and more Trains!

Saturday after the Titanic Exhibit, we visited Watkins Park....I was a little girl the last time I was here....I do remember the petting zoo, the carosel and the train!  The trees are larger, but everything else seems to be the same, a wonderful place for a Saturday afternoon visit with family! Here are a few pictures!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Titanic Exhibit....100 years

Waterpark day!

Well, so Friday we took advantage of our library's deal of kids getting into the Waterpark for free!  This is our one time a year going to this Waterpark becuase it's $ 38 per ticket and since Chris is still in school, I just can't bring myself to spend this much all at once!  But, after bring a movie stub and getting $10 off, all 4 of us got in for $28 that's what I call a STEAL OF A DEAL! The kids were beyond thrilled, including Hunter who has been begging to go back since we left! ;)

We spend 5 hours there!  It was so much fun!  We did the lazy river, surfing, tons and tons of different kind of slides- intertube slides, racing slides, everything you can think of slides, wave pool, basketball in the pool, jumping over lillypads, honestly, I can't remember all the things they have's a family's paradise!  Ethan and Alexis saw many friends from school and church and when they didn't have a friend, they had each other to go down the slides with!  It is really nice that Alexis is tall enough for everything now, last year she wasn't so she was limited!  I enjoyed watching the kids try new things!  Both did the surfing, which I was surprised.  Alexis, especially got on and even did a few tricks before she was swept away by the fast moving water!  I was very happy to watch them!  Hunter was patient in waiting for them- for awhile.  Then he was jumping up and down...running all over the place in the middle part with the slides and water all over!  THEY LOVED IT! I enjoyed myself too!  The only picture I took was after we got to the car and drove off....2 of the 3 of them were OUT COLD!!!

Let's jump into June!!!

During the last week of school, Alexis received a few awards in her class as she finished up her first year of school!  She received the Citizenship Award, given to one boy and one girl who exemplified an all around good citizen, along with perfect attendance!  She was so excited and we are thrilled that she has done so well and loves school!  Here is a picture of one of her best buds Carter, who also received this award! We couldn't be more proud of our little girl!  She has been blessed with many talents and abilities and smiles that are contagious!

Ethan also received an award for perfect attendance but I didn't get a picture of him....ooopps!

The 2nd to last day of school was Field Day....and I volunteered again for whatever they needed help with.  Funny thing, I was put in for the slip and slide again, 2 years in a row now! I think I'm going to try and do this every's really fun and getting wet in the hot weather is a bonus (although this year I wore a sweatshirt b/c it was cold- the poor kids were shivering as we heaved them down the slide, they screamed going down and then back up to do it again!) I enjoyed seeing all the classes and all of the kids- they are such a great group!  I hope to be able to do this again next year!

Ethan and Alexis wanted to do 4-H Camp, and for such a small amount (I still can't believe all the things they did), Chris and I decided to put them in this summer.  Camp was at a local park, so nice in not having to drive far!  It was so fun to watch them learn and make some new things.  Ethan received a certificate at the end of the camp as a 'tiger' because he was quick to jump into all the activities they did....including Zumba on their 'healthy' day! ;)
 Alexis was given the 'artist' award for her creativity in drawing and sculpting! 

We have been so grateful to our friends and family who give us/let us borrow clothes for the kids!  It is just wonderful!  Hunter has had such nice things given to him...he's such a little stud muffin!
Alexis was given 2 HUGE bags of clothing from my cousin's little girl!  BOY ARE WE BLESSED!
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!  Alexis loves this dress and so do I....I wish I had this in my size! What a beauty! ;)

 Alexis, Ethan, Breanna, Hunter...... before breakfast this past weekend!

Alexis enjoys riding with my dad on his motorcycle around town....JJ's ice cream is their favorite spot together, I think!  Now that Dad moved back home, we will miss him giving us all rides here and there.....this bike rides so smoothly! LOVE IT!