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Monday, February 20, 2012

February Findings.....

Boy, one would think that February would bring cold weather, playing in the snow and missing a few days of school!  Well, we did miss school today, actually, but when looking out the window, there was NOTHING!!!! No snow! HA! With today being the first day used all year of "snow" days, it was nice to have the kids off with my dad here! ;) Anyway, Februrary has been a fun, enjoyable month so far.  We've had a few friends over to play, missionaries over for dinner several times, school activities, visits from Pap-pap, Chris very busy in school (nothing new!), Ethan reading Goosebumps and loving them, Hunter being so curious and only slightly mischevious, and Alexis reading the Friend at any chance she gets!  It's really been a rewarding month so far! Hope it keeps it up! Hunter was sick with 'sinus infection' according to MD....I'm not so sure, but regardless, the antibiotics worked and he is back to his 'normal' self!!
 I had a few 'extra kids' for a day! I think all 8 of them enjoyed themselves!  They played in the garage for a time because it was cold outside!
 Ethan with his buddy Gabe! We were so glad they came for breakfast and had a very enjoyable morning visit! We love you Chester family!
 Alexis with her kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Cupp!  She picked this red rose just for her on Valentine's Day!
 Ethan too, loves his 2nd grade teacher, Ms. Estep!  He also picked a flower for her.  I love that both kids think of their teachers and try to get/make them a little something special!
 Ethan reading to Hunter while at tumbling!!
 The boys!!!! Look out....there is trouble up ahead! HA! Ethan's new "glasses" while have no lenses...just the frames.  He thinks they make him look smarter!  Silly boy!  He's such a trickster!

 Alexis received an award for completing her round-off section in tumbling!  She LOVES tumbling and really is so talented at it!!! Glad dad could see her in action!

AWE!!! Can you believe this Pap-Pap is having a birthday on Friday! I LOVE YOU DAD!!!
Here is Hunter with his first experience on the Wii....doing boxing! It was Friday night Wii party with the Doller family! YAY! Everyone had a blast really!  It was fun to watch and play with the kids as we played tennis, boxing, golf, and bowling!

We've also had a few hilarious sayings...

Mom: (while reading a book- Dora) Baby Jaguar has a tail, is this is tail?
Hunter: No Mom, we don't have a tail. We have bums!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

January happenings

Well, a new year is upon us!  2012!  I really can't get over how fast the time is flying.  The kids are growing and getting so big and involed in a few things, which is wonderful.  It really keeps me quite busy!  I love it!
-Ethan has taken off in reading...especially within the past 2 weeks- FINALLY!!! We can't be more proud of him!  His new love is 'Goosebump' books.  He informed me today that he even skipped recess and kickball to read the entire time!  I was shocked!  He was really funny though when he told me, "Mom, it was really hard not to think about kickball.  I did play it the last 2 minutes or so!"  What a silly boy!  I can't get enough of him!  We had the missionaries over this evening and he was a great helper: setting the table, used his manners, helped with clean up, straightened up the family room after they left, and picked up all the toys...I thought, "What have you done with Ethan?" ;)  HA!   He is really enjoying Basketball and scouts right now. 
-Alexis is also doing so well in school.  She is coming out of her shell quite nicely!  I love her so much and all her statements she comes up with!  She is quite hilarious actually!  I love that she makes us all laugh and is so patient and understanding with Hunter.  She explains things so well and she can get a laugh out of any of us!  She loves her tumbling class and is getting quite excited for spring soccer!  She is a wonderful sister and a great helper to me!  We are so proud of her and love her so!
-Hunter is as busy as ever....I think maybe he'll slow down one day!  He begs for me to read to him everyday.  He carries around a stack of about 10 books with him..."Read to me Mommy!" he says.  He's getting so big....wears a 3T.  He's 2 1/2 now.  He takes pride in getting himself dressed without any help! He is such a little boy: loves trains, trucks, and cars!  Sometimes in the mornings after dropping the kids off to school, we go and wait for the train to pass us.  He grins from ear to ear in awe at its size and loudness!  It's the simple things!  He keeps us on our toes, but oh how we love him so!
-Chris is working so hard in PA school and unfortunately, we don't see much of him, but when we do, it's a good time!  This past Sunday morning was spent in our PJ's reading the Friend, making a big breakfast, and enjoying being together.  It was priceless!
-I am doing well- busy between part-time work and being a mom at home! I do enjoy it very much!  I'm even picking up a little hobby of learning how to quilt, thanks to my friend, Amanda!  She is AMAZING and is sharing a bit of her talent with me.  I am making an Easter table to come!

Here are a few pics of the past month....
 My dad with the kids playing 'Jenga'
 Ethan and Alexis ice skating for the first time this season!  LOVED IT!

 We had a 30th Birthday party for my sister, Christina!  It was fun! I think she enjoyed it!
 Ethan and Lucky....Ethan's first pinewood Derby Car....finished 7th....a great place to start!  We've got some tips for next year!  This was a fun event Ethan enjoyed!
 Ethan with George, his buddy! Hunter at one of Ethan's BBALL games!  Such a cutie! :)
 Alexis with her curlers I got her for Christmas!  Her hair is beautiful all curly.  I will get a picture next time with it done so you can see!