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Friday, April 27, 2012

Photo session.....

I have a friend who is a photographer....and here is some of her work of art from this evening!

Thank you Crystal! I LOVE them ALL!!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ethan's 8th Birthday.....Today!

I remember like it was yesterday! No mom forgets her first born (or any other born) being born into this world! I'm so thankful for my first born. Ethan Christopher Jeppson came into this world at 7:39pm after 8 days overdue and a 36 LONG hours of labor with him, ending with pushing for 3.5 hours! He was our first miracle of 3 so far.....

Ethan with his daddy at 2 months ish...

 This picture is Ethan on April 26th!!! 1 day old!!!

Here is my little (Big) Ethan at 2 months...
Today was a great day!  My dad and I began working as soon as the kids shut the door to go to school!  We got Ethan's room ready to paint, moving furniture, taping, etc. We painted and cleaned and then cleaned our mess and put everything back (somewhat) by 3pm.  Then we grilled Cheeseburgers and fries in the oven with corn, cottage cheese, strawberries and steak kababs on the grill.  Daddy came home and we ate, opened gifts, went for ice cream, home, played some, showered, read scriptures, told everyone one thing that we are thankful for and said prayers, then went to bed!  What a great day with family!  We are truly blessed to have such an example as Ethan!!!
Here he is today! 8 years old!!
 Ethan with his little brother Hunter, almost 3.
 Ethan with Daddy....our family's April birthday boys!
 Mommy, Ethan and Daddy! - Ethan pointed out that Chris' Bethany Beach shirt minus the 'B' and 'Y' in Bethany....turns out to be ETHAN BEACH!!!  HAHA!
 Mommy, Alexis, Ethan and Daddy!

 Ethan reading his card that we gave him!  This morning he went on a little clue search for his gift today from mom and dad.....a crisp $20.00!  HE was beyond excited! ;)

 Our family!!! Ready for bed!
 Ethan earlier today opening up Mam-ah and Pap-pap's gift.  A nice set of binoculars!  Ethan is so excited!  He wanted these!!! ;)
We love you Ethan.  You are an example for all of us! Thank you and keep being YOU!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

First time for everything

So, I woke up this morning at 5:15 am and prepared 3 loaves of pumpkin chocolate chip bread for Chris to take to school (it was his turn for bringing 'snack') HA! While I was awake, I figured we also needed another loaf of bread so I made that also.  The morning was good- I cleaned the bathroom, had my visiting teachers over and walked the dogs with Hunter.  The weather was breezy and a chill in the air kept us from playing outside any longer.  Lunch was cheese tortillas ( Hunter's new love) and we played with his train set, put a Thomas puzzle together and reviewed his colors using another board puzzle which he loves.  I needed a nap.  The phone rang.  I answered it sleepily.  It was Ethan and Alexis' principal at school.  I love that he immediately says, "This has nothing to do with the kids- they are fine"  Thank you for putting my heart at ease! ;)   He then asked if I could share my thoughts this evening to the county school board on my thoughts about the teachers and budget and several other items.  I was shocked and stunned but of course told him that I would (thankfully my dad would be home to keep the kids while I was away for a bit).  I thought about what I would say.  Funny how it was sort of like preparing for a talk at Church! 
 Anyway, I finished dinner preparations and we ate bean soup and homemade rolls and then I headed off to the meeting.  I was SO NERVOUS.  Men and women were all in suits, business attire.  I was in jeans and a nice shirt.  I left my North Face pink coat on so no one would notice the sweat on my shift from being so nervous.  After many written out talks given, my stomach was still so nervous.  My heart was beating in my throat.  I said a prayer of peace and clarity.  I instantly felt a warm, peacefully feeling come over me, still nervous, but I knew Heavenly Father would guide me.  They called my name.  I walked to the podium.  I spoke from the heart, shared feelings of gratefulness for the wonderful teachers my children have had at their school and such.  Of course after I sat down, I thought of a few more things I had wanted to say, but it was well.  I did it!  Thank you for such an opportunity to show gratitude for what so many do with little compensation to someone SO important as the future leaders of America!  I am grateful to have had this opportunity and thankful for ALL the teachers who I have come across and who I shall meet in raising our children the best we can!
What a day!