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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Ethan and Alexis are taking swimming lessons from a new place this year and are loving it! Ethan will complete Level 2 and Alexis will complete Level 1 by the end of next week!

Ginger....the new dog

HA! What a crazy weekend! Friday my sister calls and tells us to get on the computer to skype! (I knew something was up). WOW! They got a 10 week old St. Bernard! I was so shocked, but she's a cutie! Big, lovable, furry, not yet slobbery puppy who is great with kids! I do think Christina's family is a good fit! They will love her and she'll love the space!
Then, mom and dad come for the weekend and Sunday bring home a Chihuahua!!! So, we now have 2 more to add to our family of 12!!! Here are some pictures of Ginger, mom and dad's dog!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Alexis' big day

Alexis, by far, is my nervous, frightened and cautious child! Needless to say, the past few days, her bottom tooth has been hanging by a thread and "no way are you pulling it out!" So, with much coaxing and talking up the tooth fairy pretty big... Alexis has lost her first tooth! YAY!

Monday, June 6, 2011


Fun pics...

After Ethan's last soccer game, the coach took all the kids to the famous ice cream spot....J.J's!
Happy kids! :)

Ethan playing soccer...

This spring Ethan really wished to do soccer again! HE really enjoyed it...and boy could we tell a difference from the first few games vs. the last game! Here are a few pics from the season!