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Monday, June 29, 2009

Feelings come....

All is well here! Just a quick post. Ethan and Alexis have had a busy busy week. Birthday parties, swimming, water play, riding bikes, going to the parks with friends around the neighborhood, library story time, reading, coloring, working on letters and their sounds, getting to know some sight words....I know there is more, but my mind has had all it can take for today! Hunter has been eating, sleeping, and pooping very well lately! He's growing like a weed! I know that at least 1 out of every 3 nights will be a good for the other 2, lets just say that sleep is something I can see but it's so far distant! I want it to come to me....right by me...and stay for awhile! Today I think I've just tried to do too much....but I'm feeling very overwhelmed at the moment....not just with one thing....but with all things of life! I just want a hot bath....some time for me without feeling guilty about not being with the kids! Tomorrow will be a better day....until then! Maybe I just need a vacation!!!! I'm trying not to feel so overwhelmed at the moment....I know that lots of mom's have lots of kids...but for me....3 is just slightly's only been 5 weeks but I can get really anxious at times still!
Chris is busy studying for biochem....oh how he needs to do well in this class. His final is the end of July. Please keep him in your prayers.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Who's ready for swimming

Here are more pictures that didn't make on the last batch.

Ode to our friends...the Reed family

We will miss you so! I guess if you have to go, Utah is a pretty good, friends, temples at every corner....but you will be very missed here in VA!!!! Thanks for the memories and we shall see you again, someday! Thank you for loving our kids....and watching them for us...we love yours!

Happy 1 month Birthday, Hunter!!!

What a big kiddo this little tike is turning into!!! He is such a great baby....a little fussy between 8pm and 11pm, but besides, sleep, smile now and be happy!!! His hair is now peach fuzz on the's coming in blonde with hair on the bottom still red....I hope he ends up with red hair....we shall see!!! He's loves his meal'd think it was his first meal of the day everytime I feed him....he's pretty sloppy with his milk!!! It dribbles everywhere! What a silly kid!

Outfoxed a 4-weeker?

Hunter seems to be most content at night when he is sweating right next to his Mommy. Rarely will he stay in his bed for more than 10 minutes without coming up with some reason to fuss. Well, last night I took one of Chandra's shirts and sprayed her perfume on it. I rolled her deoderant on the inside of the arms and used that shirt as Hunter's blanket in his bed. I asked Chandra this morning how my deception worked and she said he didn't begin squawking until 4. Maybe I "pulled one over on him," as the phrase goes. Time will tell how long we will be able to keep this up.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Hunter 16 day check-up

So for Hunter's 2 week check up, he has gained 2 lbs since going home! What a porker!!!!
9lbs 13 oz....we love him so....

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fishing with Pap-Pap!!!

Fishing with Pap-Pap...boy was this fun! Memorable!!! About 2 minutes or less from throwing your line with dog...whatever else for bait....."look Pap-Pap, I got a fish!!!!" My parents were here for the first weekend of the induction the first time....this occasion was May 13th.

Alexis just loved it! She didn't mind touching the fish!!!

Ethan was hilarious! He didn't want anything to do with touching the fish!!! Thanks dad for taking them fishing!!!

June 1st....Fun Day

Thank you for a great year....Mrs Kerri and Mrs Debbie!!!!

Ethan with Ben ....being silly!

Ethan's very last day of preschool was full of fun and excitement....with shaving cream, a sand table, a play-doh table, face painting, and of course lots of yummy desserts....and friends....enjoy the pics...

Ethan's Preschool Graduation

Before the program....Ethan and Alexis

Ethan singing his little heart out.....he knew all of the songs....

Mrs. Kerri giving Ethan his certificate...

Well, he's finally graduated....from Preschool, that is! I cried, of course...and Ethan could not have been more excited about the whole thing....45 minutes of song and dance....what a great program! His teachers, Mrs. Kerri and Mrs. Debbie....they are just wonderful. Thank you for all your hard work....enjoy some pics...

After the program, there were refreshments....tons of desserts and pics with some friends....

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Nothing big, just a sigh of relief

Alexis tried to pull me out of the couch yesterday. Her elbow hurt ever since. In my professional opinion as an athletic trainer I suspected that some muscle or ligament attachment in her elbow got stretched...there really wasn't anything to suggest bone involvement; just one minute she is struggling to pull me up and the next she is a slobbering mess who won't let me touch her craddled arm. I put it in a shoulder sling until night time, when I ACE wrapped her arm to her body. I went to work at the hospital.

I came home to learn she didn't sleep well at all last night. I slept for half an hour before taking Lexi to the Dr's office. Based on my description and results of tests I performed on her while she slept on my lap yesterday (and knowing that girls the same age as Lexi are prone to this) the Dr. quickly diagnosed her as having a dislocated elbow; although in my defense, I think technically it was only subluxated and not completely dislocated. There wasn't any discoloration, deformity, swelling, anything other than her obvious pain upon movement.

So, according to the physician young females have a tendency towards loose elbow joints. Once this joint dislocates it becomes easier for the next time (reoccurring) until they hit the next growth spurt (puberty) and grow out of it. He then had me brace Lexi while he reduced it. He was almost shocked at how well Lexi handled it. She started out as a whimper and gradually elevated her volume to a healthy cry; but not a shriek nor scream. Considering that she had her elbow out of joint for over 12 hours (this happened at 4:30 on a Friday afternoon) she overcame her stiffness rather quickly. By the time we left the office she used her arm to pull some hair out of her face.

From there we met up with the rest of our family at the park. Ethan played his last T-ball game and our ward family hosted a baby welcoming party under the title of baby shower. Chandra's sister, Christina, and her family drove out from Maryland to spend the day. Everyone played at the park until after noon. So, what about poor Lexi? I pulled her off the monkey bars because the Dr. told me she could easily dislocate her elbow herself now that she has demonstrated the laxity tendency; he said it could be as easy as her hanging on one of her parents or swinging from a bar. I turned around to see her slide arm under arm down the fireman pole at the playground. She remembers that her elbow hurt, but shows no obvious intention of letting that distant memory hold her back from keeping up with her brother amongst others.

By the way, Hunter Kade was 14 days old today. He and Mom are doing wonderfully. Ethan has showed at least 3 neighbors his trophy and let them appreciate the "gold" appearance and the weight as well as his name on it. We had a late lunch with our family members and hung out at the house. We had a surprise visit by an aunt and cousin. Once everyone left for the evening Ethan helped me mow the lawn and then offered to sweep the grass off the driveway while I finished up. Lexi helped Mom vacuum inside during this time. It is no wonder that after baths and books half the family fell asleep during my short prayer and within 2 minutes all but myself succumbed. I carried everyone individually to their respective beds.