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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday of FUN!!!!

The past few days have been gorgeous! Sunny and warm. The kids have been excited for the newness of Spring. Easter is going to be here before we know it! Ethan, Alexis and Hunter are growing so much and everday, they make me laugh, cry and everything in between!!! :) Chris and I painted Alexis' room today and we also got a new kitchen table and chairs! YAY! The first one since we were married! For those of you that can remember, our original table and chairs set was bought for $40 at a neighbor of Chris' parents and as we left INDIANA about 4 years ago, the table came with us while the chairs were left. I'll just say it's wonderful to have a set now!!! :) Alexis loves her room. It's a light pink color. Looks great! I'll post pictures when it's all done, hopefully by the end of the week!!!
My nephew came to visit today. We were outside nearly all day! It was 72ish outside and gorgeous! The kids loved the park, ice cream, out to dinner, painting this morning, and mam-mah coming to visit for the day! They went to bed right on time without any FUSS too! :0
Enjoy the pics....

Thursday, March 11, 2010

happy days are here....

So for the past week and a half each one of the kids has had the stomach bug! First Ethan, then Hunter and now Alexis. Yesterday was rough, but she has not thrown up yet today nor her dinner last night! So, that's great! Poor her! She I think has gotten the worst of it....she crys everytime she goes to the bathroom. Hopefully, the kids are now on the mend and feeling better! :) Here are a few random pics we have been taking....enjoy!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

SPRING is in the air....

YAH!!!! I think this 20 inches of snow everytime it snows is LONG GONE!!!! This week is to be 60+* EVERYDAY of the week! LOVE IT! I'm ready for mulch and flowers decorating!!!!
HERE are some pictures!!!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Yummy Suckers...

Spending the day in C'ville...

I know this is crazy and we've almost lived here for 2 years, but today was my first get away to Charlottesville! Daddy had to sleep, and so we packed it up with Mammah and out the door we went! It was really fun. We ate lunch at 5 guys, which Ethan and Alexis love b/c these kids absolutely love BURGERS and FRIES!! Then we went to the Children's Museum and played and learned some new facts before heading over for some ice cream. It was a sunny day. There were tons of dogs on leashes that the kids, including Hunter loved petting! People were playing and singing their guitars and you would have thought it was spring with everyone in short-sleeved shirts! Well, I guess it was 47* today! Enjoy the pics!

The Lorax

Ethan was in his first play at school. The month of March is reading month and so the kindergarten through second grade performed Dr. Seuss' THE LORAX. Ethan played the part of a brown barbaloot! He did a fantastic job. It was really fun to get to go to his school with our whole family and eat dinner there and then watch a play! WAY TO GO ETHAN!
WE mostly got his play on video, but here are a few pictures of the evening!

Pinewood Derby Racers....

The pinewood derby race went great! Aside for a few small things, all participants had awesome cars, each one very unique! It was so fun and exciting to see the girls through each step of the process to their completed creations! The cutting is definately one step I will NEVER forget! What memories! Although the end result was a YM winner....of the race, I am totally proud of each girl who worked really, really hard to make their car their own! Here are some pics... and Ethan and Alexis made their own cars was very exciting to watch Ethan get into this....some sight for the future! :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Rest of family....

Ethan is learning how to read. He's doing really well in kindergarten and although I know there are kids ahead of him, for him he's doing well. He knows all of his sight words and really does work hard at his homework. He does do his homework easier with dad than mom, I don't know why, but he does. Anyway, he'll be 6 next month and I just can't believe it! He is a joy to our family. He is a good helper and trys really hard to do what's right. He loves any activity that is physical and he's excited about swimming lessons this spring. I am very proud of him.
Alexis is also learning how to read. She can sound out words and loves to read. She also knows all of Ethan's sight words and can write her name very well now! She is a great helper and loves to make Hunter laugh. She also loves her Ethan and gives him hugs all the time, even when Ethan doesn't want her to! We are very blessed to have her in our family also.
Last week was very busy for us, again. This week is much lighter of a schedule. Hopefully I can get some pics on here. :)

Happy 9 Month Hunter boy

Hunter turned 9 months already on the 24th of Febuary! I can't believe it! He's already crawling, standing by himself for a few seconds and pulling himself up on everything and trying to cruise the couch! He's just a little ball of smiles all the time with ticklish spots on his thighs, belly, armpits really ticklish!!! and bottom of his feet! He really really does look just like Ethan's baby pictures! You can tell he's one of us. :) Ethan and Alexis adore him and he brings so much happiness into our family! Hunter, Happy 9 month Birthday! With all 6 teeth showing with each smile, he's such a little charmer. He is finally beginning to get on a schedule of sleeping, but he still is getting up 1-2 times each night. He goes to bed around 9ish and is up somewhere between 1-4 and then about 6ish. I long for 1 night of full sleep, but I am used to it, guess you would say. Hunter loves to eat table food: oatmeal, cheerios, anything small that he can pick up with his fingers! He is good at playing in the living room with whatever is around him. I love when he goes to his bucket full of toys and one by one takes each one out, shakes it, and then tosses it out and retrieves a new one! We are all very happy he is a part of our family!