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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hey mom, I have to tell you something!

So, a hilarious story from Ethan yesterday as I was getting ready to go to the evening time....
Mom: Ethan, come over here....(I picked him up on my lap). So, how was your day?
Ethan: (lots of laughing). Mom, I have the giggles! I have to tell you something (he whispers into my ear, still giggling) Today, I am not wearing any unders (underwear).
Then he laughs and giggles right off my lap!
Mom: Ethan, you are kidding me.
I gave his pants a little stretch...and low and behold his white bum was showing!
I could not believe it....What are kids thinking sometimes?!?!

Monday, December 22, 2008

It's cold outside

Chris dressed Ethan up in his coat and hat and sent him out in 26 degree weather to check the mail and bring the recycle bin back from the road. Ethan was a trooper and seemed more concerned about the sleeves being too long than what the temperature was. What a good helper!

Alexis' Preschool Christmas Party

Alexis' Christmas party was very cute. The 14 little 3-4 year olds where so excited to share their talents and sing for Jesus, especially Alexis. She loves to sing. She brings such a special little spirit into our home and into her preschool. Her teachers, Miss Debbie and Miss Kerri absolutely love her. She is very smart and plays with the other kids well. Here are a few pics from her party with video. Merry Christmas!

Happy Anniversay, honey!!!

Just a little note to say that I think I have the best husband in the whole world! He is such a sweet, humorous, fun-loving guy who's constantly telling me how much he appreciates me and all the hard work I do as a working mom....which is really nice, especially when I get so tired sometimes with working 12 hour nights...or 15 hour nights, like the 2 days this past week. I guess it just adds up with being 19 weeks pregnant and all...but today is our anniversay of 7 years! 7 fun, fast years! I can't believe it! We've had so many memories together in such a short amount of time....hopefully with many, many more to come! We've moved across the country 3 times now! We've walked hand and hand to many temples in the country. We've laughed, cried, and stayed up all hours of the night being silly with our carmel popcorn, moldy apartment, 1 room apt with both Alexis not sleeping, Ethan not sleeping either! We've worked our butts off in school and paying tuition! And now, here we are in VA with more than we could ever imagine. We are a family, together and nothing else matters. What a ride! Honey, thank you for loving me and being a great father that the kids come and hang on...and jump all over! They love you and I love you. Happy Anniversay, Chris!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dad's at work...the kids play!

The other day when dad was at work...the kids and I were able to do whatever we wanted to do ....make cookies and watch a little bit of a movie! It was really fun to be with them and play...and even eat a little bit of the dough.... yum!

Putting up the Tree....

Alexis came out of the bedroom the other day saying, "Mommy...look at me!" I honestly never know what her or Ethan will do next sometimes!
Piggyback rides are really fun out our house...Ethan weighs 50 lbs already...compared to Lexi's 30...he's quite the hefty kiddo! But he's as sweet with his little sis as can be!

This year was so fun to put up the Christmas Tree...we decided to put up our artificial tree and save a few bucks! The best part was the lights, says Lexi. Ethan thinks the best part of Christmas so far has been decorating the tree! The kids are old enough this year to really help and it was just so fun!

Visit to MD....

The kids love their Pap-Pap...
especially at places like Outdoor's pretty fun looking at almost any animal you can think of in there!!!

Alexis is the Superstar of the day! Her cousins got the best of her.....and boy does she look cute! They love the bunkbeds her cousins have....the kids will play up there for hours on end...
Yes, she knows she's a cutie!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tis the season....

Merry Christmas everyone! A special thanks to my mom and sister for picking up the kids and taking them this weekend! After about 1 hour, I was over being sad and actually have gotten tons done! It's nice to have a break once in a while! Thanks mom and Christina! We love you guys!
Hope everyone's season is bright and coming together. I know there is so much to be done this time of year, but hopefully everyone can take some time out of their crazy day and remember the reason why we celebrate Christmas!

Happy Halloween!!!

This is a little bit late...but hope everyone's halloween was fun, safe, and filled with yummy candy....remember to brush. The kids would be able to have candy...only if they brushed least that was Ethan and Alexis' reasoning to eating as much candy as they wanted! Silly kids! Ethan just loves Clifford....thanks to my niece loving it too...and ebay, we found this outfit and it's now been through 3 Halloweens....perhaps more to come! Lexi decided she wanted to be Tinkerbell...complete with wings her Aunt picked up in Disneyland in California! Although, she loves her wizard outfit she was a cute little mix this Halloween. Such fun we had going around our neighborhood trick-or-treating. They learned some Halloween songs that both are still singing's funny because Ethan will ask, "When is Halloween again, mommy? You know...the candy holiday!!!" What a sweet tooth he has, just like his mom! :)

Vacation with Grandma and Aunt Vicki

Thank you for coming to visit us! We love you! Enjoy some of the pics!!!
We were really wow'ed by the amazing caverns and especially by the organ at the bottom of the 1 mile walk into the caverns. Complete with song and all, I wish Jolene would have been able to get on and play a song! The kids had a blast and really enjoyed some of nature!

A Special Thanks

We know this is really late...but better late than never, right! Just wanted to let Chris' dad, Dana...Grandpa and my mom, Mam-ah know how special they are to us! THANK-YOU for taking time out of your schedule to help us move to VA. We know it was not easy....not all experiences are, but hopefully one that was filled with lots of memories! We are so grateful for you both in saving us...truly! Families are Forever...and we are so grateful that we will be a together forever family. We love you and thank-you!