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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Rice cereal= YUMMY + SLEEP

Ryan has been waking up in the night to eat.  Sometimes twice which means Mommy is t-i-r-e-d!  It's hard when he's been sleeping through the night for some time now.  Since Chris is back down working in SC, I am usually by myself here at home.  It can be quite exhausting, especially at night.  By bedtime, I'm also very ready for bed.  The kids are doing well though.  We all can't wait to sell our house and move down with Daddy!!!!  So, becuase Ryan has been waking up and he seems like he's not getting enough to eat....I started him on rice cereal yesterday, January 14, 2014!!  He LOVED it!!!!  I gave him 2 very small portions, one at lunch and one at dinner.  I used breast milk from the freezer stash (I have SO much- gotta start using this up) and mixed with 1 tbsp on baby apple juice.  He LOVED it!  Last night for dinner, the kids even helped feed him while I could get a few things finished!  It's so helpful that the kids can help me!!!  The result was good...Ryan slept until 5:30 am this morning....  I think he's also teething...drool EVERYWHERE!!!!  I can't wait to see how he looks with usually changes their face a little bit!! Here are a few pics....Hunter is a great photographer!

Ryan 5 months....

You tell me...where does the time go?  I can't believe my baby is 5 months old already!!! I'm just amazed at all his enthusiasm for his siblings.  He loves them...when Ryan sees them coming, he laughs and trys to reach out to them.  "Pick me up", I'm sure he'd say if he could.  They usually do!!
I took Ryan to get his 4 month shots on the 10th of this month (A little bit late, but he was sick around his 4 month date).  Becuase it was a well child check, they did the weight/height.  He's a big, healthy boy, that's for sure!  He's such a happy little boy!  Ryan Thomas....we sure do love you buddy! 

Happy New Year 2014

My parents got Alexis this Smithsonian Kit for Christmas...I think from Costco (I LOVE THIS PLACE).  Anyway, it had a gem finder, a volcano and a rocket to make.  The kids LOVED this gift.  They were scientists digging for gems and matching them up to the sheet that tells the gems' name and some facts about each one.   

 Next, they worked on making a plaster volcano...painting and then setting it off with baking soda and vinegar.  I told them how this chemical reaction occurred!  They were thrilled.

 Ryan hanging out on Hunter's Christmas pillowcase I made for him.  This year, instead of PJ's, I made each one a Christmas pillowcase!  They loved them.  Thank you Momma Jeppson for the idea!!! So easy and so fun to do!!!!  I gave some as gifts as well to a few special people.  I think they enjoyed them!
 Aunt Vicki gave Hunter these scratch off pictures.  The set of 6 kept him busy busy busy!!!!
 Ryan enjoying Mam-mah and Pap-Pap's gift of a firestruck ABC's.  He loves the lights and songs!

 My parents bought this heater....because my dad is spending ALOT of time down here (While Chris is in SC and I'm working, Dad is our full time babysitter- THANK YOU DAD and MOM).  He says it's cold...and honestly, I'm VERY glad they are graciously letting us borrow this... it's been on more than off since they bought it!  The kids love sitting in front of it too...our next house will have some sort of fireplace/pellet stove....something to warm up the rooms!!!
 Ryan sure loves keeping warm...this boy always has a smile on his face!!!! Love him!

 My dad found this horse at a yard sale.....Ryan enjoys it!

Extended Family Christmas...

I am very lucky to live close enough to my side of the family.  Although they travel about 3 hours to get here, we get together as often as we can to spend time together.  I love them so much.  I will miss these opportunities when we move, but I know we will still get together as much as we possibly can!  Here are a few pics of our families' Christmas.....

My sister and her kids came for a quick visit for New Year's Eve....We absolutely love when they come.  The kids have a blast.  We ate, sang songs, watched a movie, played and loved on each other!  It was a great time.  Haley especially loved little Ryan. She even changed his diaper for that's love right there! Here are a few pictures of their visit! We love you guys!  Thank you for coming!!!



Each year for the December month, we as a family wake up and during breakfast we read from the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John of the account leading up to the Savior's birth.  We also have 24 day count down Christmas stories Chris' mom put together that we love.  We read one per day.  Each has a scripture to go with it.  We always finish up with reading Luke Chapter 2 on Christmas Eve.  This year was extremely special, I think becuase Ethan and Alexis are getting older and they are enjoying getting to know the Savior at a more personal level.  It was especially neat for me to hear their comments and for us to discuss them and how we can apply the Savior's teachings to our lives today...everyday!  The reason for the season of course!  It's not in all the gift giving, not in all the baking, hustle and bustle that the 'world' would like us to's the SAVIOR and celebrating his birth, his life!  I hope everyone had a memorable Christmas, one that you were able to reach out to someone else and bless their life!  We were able to write our testimony of the Savior as a family this season and place it in our family journal.  I treasure these activities we do.  I love my family, my husband who works so hard to provide for our family, and my children, each one bring special gifts and talents that only they possess.  I am truly blessed!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Merry Christmas 2013

This Christmas was so nice this year!  We didn't travel up to my parents, we just stayed at home and enjoyed each other because Chris drove 7 hours to get home.  He's able to be home for 11 days...although it's flying by so far!!  Here are a few pics of our Christmas....
 Aunt Vicki got the kids fun things.....Alexis was super excited to get started on her projects.....
 Chris loves his hat from his sister...Thank you Vicki!!!
 Love you Ryan....Love your smiles and sounds!!!! 

 Even Lucky loved his gift.....bones!!!
 The kids sure did score in books this year....with complete collection of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and R. Magic Tree House Facts for Alexis and I Survived collection for Ethan (thank you Grandpa and Grandma Jeppson)
 Hunter was proud of his gift to Mommy and Daddy- we loved it too! Great job buddy!!!  Hunter has been REALLY into puzzles- he got a few for Christmas!  He's done them all so much, even his 100 piece puzzle, we are looking for others!  I guess we are a puzzle family.  Thank you G-pa/G-ma Jeppson, Aunt Christina for getting Hunter puzzles!  They are getting lots of use!  Aunt Christina found this round Thomas the Train puzzle- it's hard plastic... Hunter enjoys this one- it's more challenging- which is good for him!
 The kids loved their Flash Pad....what a fun, great buy!!!
 We fed the sister missonaries for dinner...Chris deboned a turkey and cooked it in the crockpot.  We also had green been casserole, rolls, mashed potatoes, fruit salad.  It was nice to make carmels with them and play a game also!  We sure had a fun day!
We love our family.....Thank you everyone who made our day special.....We loved Skyping family in UT~~ That's always a fun time!  It's great to be able to see everyone even though we live far away!