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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mammah to the Rescue!!!

So last week was somewhat of a blur....mostly slept and worked, sad to say. Chris finished up his Genetics class with a B and we all grateful for it to be over....3 weeks of craziness was enough!!! Thanks mom for rescuing us, Again!!!! We Love You!!!

First Snow.....YAY!

Finally...our first snow. The kids and I absolutely loved it...and Chris did too, although it's nothing like Utah! But, we are so excited because it's cold and we are supposed to get up to 4-5! Our friends, the Chesters', came over to play a little while we were shoveling the driveway! I love winter with a little snow...granted it's not much fun to drive in, but that's when you just call in sick and make it a 'mental health day!' (I hope no one from work is reading this!!!) :)
Just kidding...I'm off today, but I would have been very tempted! :)
Enjoy the pics!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sleep is NOT over-rated!!!

Now that my 5 day night shifts from 8 hours to 15 hours each night is over, I am able to sleep! Bless my mom who saved our family this past week as she took over and watched/played/loved/cared for my kiddies. They were looking forward to this time and I know that they got way too many sweets...but lots of love! Thanks mom! Now that I slept for a straight 15 hours or so....I am like a new woman!
While I was working, Alexis had another funny moment. My mom had bought a package of chocolate chip cookies...of which they ate over a 2-3 day period. One morning they finished them all, continuing to fill their cups and dunk their cookies in milk until all the cookies were gone. Alexis loves cookies, as does Ethan....What kid doesn't, right!?! Anyway, that night, I was working and so Alexis slept on my side of the bed. She woke up that night, crying and attempting to get out of bed, whining and saying, "I wanna cookie." Chris woke up and told her to get in bed and go to sleep. She was so out of it that she climbed back into bed and said, "ok, dad." She then went back to sleep! What a funny girl who loves her chocolate....just like her mommy! :) I've started a journal about the funny, silly things my kiddies are saying these days. Hope all is well. I'm on a mini-vacation right now and enjoying staying as far away from work as possible!!!
The baby is growing and doing well loving to spin and kick his mommy all the time. We will be 24 weeks this Saturday. Thank you to all for the thoughts and prayers in our behalf in having a good pregnancy.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Lexi 3 going on 13...

Alexis is such a sweet-heart. She melts your heart with her language of love and her kisses, snuggles and hugs that she gives. Lately, she has also been such a talkative little girl. She's so very smart and because Ethan and her are only 17 months apart...she follows everything and knows almost everything Ethan does!
Walking into preschool this morning, she was busy telling me that because it was 10*F outside, we must have gloves to protect our fingers and hands from the cold weather outside. She was busy telling me that it was winter...which meant it was very cold outside for a long time and we need to take care of our bodies so we have them for a long time. One of the dads was behind us to pick up his son...he wasn't wearing gloves, and Lexi said to him, You need gloves! Where are they. Would you like to wear one of mine...I will share...then she went on about how it was winter and cold outside and ......just like she had told was so funny. I could hardly hold it in. The nice man just looked at me and said...boy does she like to talk!!!
We were sitting eating lunch today talking about things. Ethan was talking about flying to Utah to visit family and about how he almost has enough money for a ticket to fly on the big airplane. Then Alexis pipes in and says, "Yeah, mom. I want to fly on the big airplane with Ethan's money too." When I asked her about using her money....she says " no way, I'm saving for something else and I won't have enough if I have to pay myself!!!" It was so funny. I was completely taken back....where do these kids get some of these ideas from. I love being able to be home and partake of their goodness...and craziness!!!! I love being a mom!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I am a Child of God

Can I just say how grateful I am to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I know who I am. I know God's plan. I follow Him in faith. I believe in the Savior Jesus Christ. I'll honor His name! In this new year, I have renewed some of my goals. I have put aside of the not so important things. I am really trying to be more like Christ...and make better decisions. I am so grateful for my family, both close and far away. I love them and I hope to show it more. I am thankful to all those who have set the example to follow. I sometimes ask God why he has blessed me so when so many others struggle worse than I. I am trying to be more optimistic in my own trials and tribulations...trying to be more positive and say to myself...this too shall pass! I hope to do less housework, less getting all worked up over the little things and really enjoy my kids more. I hope to work less and play harder!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ethan's new toy

Leave it to my dad- Pap-Pap- to give Ethan a toy for Christmas- but don't's just a little spring gun. And it really doesn't shot very far at all. Complete with bee-bees and all, it's a fun little thing that Ethan knows already not to get/play with/anything unless an adult is with him.

It's a.......

Well, we are 22 weeks along today and just barely had our ultrasound yesterday! I know...I alittle bit late...but being this far along, they were able to check all the anatomy and make sure everything looked well. Thankfully, it did and we are excited to bring another BOY into our family! Ethan and Alexis are excited. Ethan keeps rearranging his room and telling me..."Mom, the crib can go here." He has been asking , "Now mom, when is the baby coming, again?" It's really sweet. Alexis is excited too. She's been asking, "Mom, remember the baby in your tummy, well, that's gonna be my brother you know!" I'm beginning to show and so I think it's more real now that the kids can see that there is a baby growing inside of mom's tummy. They both were mezmorized at the ultrasound pics, as was I at the view of seeing what the baby's face looks like- in 3 D it's a little person in there. He currently weighs 1 lb!!! What a miracle each baby is! I'm so thankful that we are an eternal family! I truly do have so much to be grateful for!

Chesapeake Children's Museum

Christina and I wanted a fun, but cheap activity to do with the I called around a few places. Annapolis had a children's museum and so we decided to go. It was funny, because driving into the parking lot, it didn't look like much...Christina and I both looked at each other and I had her go in and scope it out first...but it was really fun and well worth the few bucks per kid to get in! Enjoy the pics!

Here Chicken...Chicken....Chicken...

Down the street from my parents, there is this church which has a petting zoo of chickens and lambs to the side. Who knows why...but we go and feed them bread whenever we can. Ethan asked me..."Mom, do the chickens ever get regular chicken food. They love this bread!" We fed them probably 3 times in they few days we were there! The roosters make their rooster noises and Alexis laughs her silly laugh each's fun to watch them (the kids and the chickens :) )


Well, this Christmas sure was exciting for us as well as the kids. We woke up Christmas morning...well Chris woke us up Christmas morning. Ethan and I were in the sleeping in mode, but Lexi was shouting "Santa came...Ethan....Get up and look at this!!!" It was really cute! Ethan came out to the tree, rubbing his wide, tired eyes and all...I awe of what he was seeing. We called family in Utah on the webcam because they wanted to watch us open our gifts. Afterwards, Ethan said, "Well what did you guys get?" So we watched them open their Christmas too. It was nice to be together and be able to chat back and forth, even if we weren't right there with them.
We then got ready for the day and left by 12:30 to head to my parents home in MD! Driving through Harper's Ferry to visit my uncle first, we made it there by dinner and were starving for a great feast! It was a feast! My mom, who doesn't really cook, really outdid herself this year! Yeah Mom! Everyone ate till stuffed and then we openned gifts! Ethan and Alexis couldn't get enough of the Polar Express Lonel Train my dad purchased for under the tree...complete with whistle and smoke!! It truly was a great day spent with so many people we love. Hope all had a Merry Christmas!