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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Saying, "I Love You..."

You know, after all the company has left, today I am left with a sore throat and feeling run down.  Still, I am so thankful for MANY things....It is Springtime in all it's glory...the blossoms on the trees and flowers; I awoke this morning to the birds singing at 6:30am.  Everything is happy.  And, we are happy too- Daddy is home.  I see such a difference in the kids' lives, their temperaments, everything really, when Daddy is here with us.  I just can't wait for him to finish...seems like forever until he's done, and yet, I know it's really not that far...and I can wait and be a little more patient.  Ethan today has been so happy...I know it is because Daddy is here....with each question, he'll ask, "Is Daddy coming?" When I say, "Yes," he'll reply with "YEAH!"  Kind of sad that he's gone so much, but really, it's ok because I know it will have an end.  Alexis just handed me a flower and said, "Mom, for you, my sweetest and most caring mommy.  I love you Mommy!"  Trying not to cry...I know it's because I don't feel good but really!  My most precious gift of all, my world just ran out the door to walk Frosty, Lucky and kids and my husband!  I am so blessed!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Pat's Day!!!

My Mom and sister Christina with Bre and Lil' Dave and Roxy (the dog) all came down for a visit last evening! We had a fun day.....
 Hunter just loves his cousin Lil' Dave...and couldn't wait to see him and play with him!
 At the Page County Flea beautiful of a day!
 Say cheese boys!
 Christina and Bre on the Storybook Trail.  I just love this picture of them! Bre is growing up! ;) ;(
 Alexis (6), Breanna (almost 12), and Ethan (almost 8).  Time sure goes by all too fast!

 The boys....Hunter (almost 3), Ethan (almost 8), Lil' Dave (almost 4)
 Sisters forever....and we both forgot to wear any green...but did have our red on today! HA!

 Look mom, a plane! Cousin love! Hugs and Loves....
This week Alexis performed in her school musical, The Barnyard Moosical. She was a hen! It was so fun for me to watch her up on stage and singing and having so much fun!!! Go Alexis! We are so proud of you!
 Alexis with some of her classmates, Trinity and Deanna!  She wanted her hair curled so we used her rollers she got for Christmas from me! So fun! She looks so beautiful!

 Alexis with her teacher Mrs. Cupp!

Can you find Alexis?  She's in the middle!
 Ethan and Alexis were in a school play, "How I Spent My Summer Vacation" which was really funny!  Ethan was a cowboy and Alexis was a chicken.  Chris and I enjoyed watching the kids on stage and my dad was able to come too!  Fun family time!

Friday, March 2, 2012

First real piecing experience!!

From going to the store and matching material to stitching the final corner, THIS WAS SO MUCH FUN!!! I really enjoyed it!  For Christmas, I did several table runners, easy style!  Then I made a VERY simple baby blanket for my neighbor.  I really wanted to learn how to quilt, the piecing of the squares and putting everything together!  Well, one of my good friends down the road from me is so talented.  She LOVES to quilt!  Her quilts are gorgeous~ so intricate in design and color!  They are amazing!  I had her teach me the basics of what to do and she walked me through this first achievement for me!  I really love how it turned out!!!  The best thing about it was that I got to spend time with her and learn something new!!!
 The front!!!! I love how it turned out!  I had a hard time seeing the end result when choosing fabric, but I think it goes well!
 Amanda walked me though the egg, flower, puzzle piecing, and the circle designs.  I chose the daisy flower and it was really fun to put on gloves and move the material around to "quilt" the design!

The back!!!!!

Blue and Gold Banquet- Scouts

Ethan had his first Scouts banquet where he received a few awards- 8 belt loops actually! He was so excited to receive something he can show for all his hard work! My dad was able to be here and it was such a wonderful family event! We love you Ethan and congrats to you!!!

 Pap-Pap with Ethan!
 Dad and Mom with Ethan

 Hello sweet Hunter!!! He's ready to eat!!!
 Ethan's Pack 1!!!!
 Daddy and Alexis!
 Ethan receiving his belt loops!!!
It was a great day~ enjoyed the family time!!!