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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

So, I finished up my last of 8 shifts last! What a week this has been! I feel like I could sleep for about 2 days straight....Glad it's OVER and I can look forward with fun activities to do with the kids. Tonight, after putting Ethan to bed, he said, "Mom, Happy Valentine's Day! I love you." How did he know that I needed to hear those words! Kids are such a blessing. Alexis was busy telling me about her trip to the zoo as she was lying in bed, supposed to be attempting to sleep this evening. My dad and sister took the kids this past Sat. to the Washington Zoo with the cousins. Of course they loved it! Lexi was busy telling me about the monkeys and why is it that they don't have any hair on their bums?!? The things this kid things of is so funny! She still asks me daily why my tummy is so big and when I tell her it's because there is a baby brother in there, she rubs my belly and says, "I love you brother!" Melts my heart everytime!
Chris is off on Friday and so it's our first day spent together in almost 2 1/2 weeks! I can't believe our schedules, but it will get better! I'm not going to be picking up that many shifts anymore and Chris is going full-time work soon, so hopefully we will be able to actually spend some time together instead of just passing in the wind!
I cut the boys' hair yesterday! Ethan needed a haircut and so did dad! Ethan was amazed at his pile of hair and how much I had cut off. He then kept saying how small dad's pile was and asked, "Dad, where is all of your hair?" Somethings we will never know!
I appreciate all the comments on the last post. I really did read them over and over to get me through! Thanks for the love and support! It's good to know that I wasn't the only one feeling the weight of life all at once! Sometimes bad things happen....that's life! Thank you for all the encouragement.
For Young Women's tonight, we tie dyed shirts for our stake basketball tournament coming up. It was fun. The girls had a good time! I am learning so much from them. We have such a really great group of girls in our YW program and I'm really blessed to be able to learn from them.

Friday, February 13, 2009

When it Pours!!!

Why is it that when something goes the back of your mind, you are saying to yourself...this could be the first of several things going wrong! Why do these things happen in 3's or sometimes even more. It seems to me that Heavenly Father is trying to teach me something. Although I have been praying for increased strength and I guess He's answered my prayers faster than perhaps I would have liked!? Our civic has been having problems. So, in the shop it goes. Everyone knows that a simple oil change/tire rotation can end up to cost several $100's of dollars because, "well, it also needs this....done to it," so the shop says. And when you get your car back, it's nice when it drives and gets you from A to B without leaving you stranded on the side of the road after a long shift at work! So, back in the shop it goes....this time...the BIG expense. And you gosh, how much more now needs to be fixed! Basically our car has almost a brand new engine by the time we were finished with it!!!
Chris' grandmother has been sick for quite some time. She was such a sweet, humorous women who loved life and loved her kids and grandkids and great-grandkids. She seldom felt sad and was an upbeat person until this last little while! Well, she passed away this past Tuesday in Utah. Chris is now there for her funeral and such with family whom he has not seen in quite awhile. This is also my weekend to was just too pricey for all of us to go, so Chris loaded up the kids and away to mamma's again they all go while I'm working my normal shifts plus some extra to pay off the lovely car bill! They shall all return on Sunday night. Thanks mom for coming to our rescue yet again...It seems to be a normal thing lately!? I hope things slow down soon!
Anyway, so I get home yesterday...all upset and crying because life is ...well not going as well as I would like it to lately....and I guess I left the lights on. The civic is old- 1994- and so the newer cars have the ding when you leave the lights on before taking the key out of the ignition, but the option is not in our car. So, into the house I went to get some much needed sleep and when I came out to go to work again....dead car! I knew it was the battery this time, but still! I went to the neighbors house and she asked how I was doing....with suddenly sobbing she graciously lent me her car so I could get to work ontime! Thank goodness she was home...she's a school teacher and just happened to be home sick with the flu. (I have a note to remind me to make her dinner next week when I'm off) :) Anyway, another busy day at work and home late. I awoke to the phone ringing and then got up to see if someone from the car place that we owe lots of $ to could possibly come and help with the car. It would not come out of park and ended up needing a jump..for the battery and a $.10 fuse which he happened to have in his trusty work bag and hallelujah...the car is now working! Hopefully with no more issues for awhile! I miss my family...the kids are having a blast of course and Lexi has been asking my mother and sister, "why is your belly so big...are you having a baby too?" Oh, boy! She is something else! Luckily and thankfully we will be 27 weeks tomorrow with no problems and it's actually been a fun pregnancy so far...the baby kicks all the time...which is such an interesting feeling in itself! Anywho...does anyone feel like I do in that sometimes too many bad things happen all at once?
Thankfully, there is an end in sight and I know that 'this too shall pass.' I'm learning patience and realizing more and more that when life gives you lemons, you just have to make some lemonade with them!!!!
It's Friday the 13th...and so far, this day has been great!!! Hope you are planning something fun and loving for a special someone who makes your heart skip a beat!