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Thursday, August 27, 2009

2nd day tiredness!!!

So, Ethan's second day getting off the bus was quite a little adventure! He fell asleep right after leaving the school. He tells me, 'I just needed a little rest of my eyes, mom!' Well, he didn't get off at his stop. The stop is only 2 houses down. I had the garage up and was feeding the baby on a chair in the driveway waiting for him. Well, the bus driver forgot his stop, and he was asleep, so she just kept on going! Oh, talk about a slight panic. I knew everything was ok, though. I quickly called the school, who radioed the bus and yes, Ethan was on the bus and she brought him back. Phew!!! Poor kid. It's a long day of hard play and learning at kindergarten!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First day of School....

What a bittersweet moment in my life today. Ethan begins kindergarten and Alexis begins preschool. Ethan was SO excited about his first day of school. He even woke up early...before I woke him up. He went to the bathroom, got dressed and when I peeked around the corner he said, "Hey mom, I woke up all by myself and I'm even dressed!" We had picked his clothes out last night before bed. He got a great night's sleep. Both kids were in bed by 7:30pm (b/c they got up at 7am with no nap). I made chocolate chip muffins ast night for breakfast...the kids favorite! They ate and I was just sitting there enjoying the commotion and running around this morning from the kids. Ethan just kept beaming. His smile was ear to ear. I tried to keep my tears in. He said, "Mom, don't cry. I'll be ok. If you cry, then I might cry!" I just can't believe how big he is. He wears a size 7 now. He is 5 years old. He is starting kindergarten at 'the big school,' riding 'the bus.' What a little man! Oh, to be a little fly on the listen to him interacting with other kids, to stand up for him if someone is mean to him.... I know that he is protected. Chris gave him and Alexis school blessings last night. It was very powerful! I'm so grateful for our knowledge of the gospel.
I told him to make good choices and have fun and he said, "I will mom." I know that he will. He is such a good boy.
Alexis was also beaming this morning. Her little spirit is so sweet and innocent. She has grown so much since even the beginning of the year. I am excited for her to meet some new friends that aren't 'Ethan's friends.' All the poor kid knows is boys!!! Around the neighborhood, she plays, rides bikes, does everything with 'all the boys' b/c all we have is boys! :) But, she loves it! Daddy and I dropped her off this morning and she said, 'Mom, I want to be with Ethan!'
I just love my kids so much...they are my world. I think being a mom is THE best blessing I could have...even with all the heartache!
Enjoy the pics!

Oh and look who found his thumb this morning and was busy sucking on it.....

The bus came....He got on and waved out of the window...still just a huge smile on his face. I know he will do well and have fun!

AND this little tike is now 3 months....wearing 6-9 month clothes!!!! What a cutie. He found his thumb this morning!!! Heehee! I can't believe how much he looks like Ethan!

Friday, August 7, 2009


Today was Hunter's first swim! He did well once he got used to the water! What a chunky monkey! All the kids at the pool just couldn't get enough us his cuteness!!!

Families are Forever

I love my family...can I just say that! I love to spend time with them, to laugh, cry- to just be together! Here are some pics from this past weekend! Enjoy.


Yes, I do think we look alike!

Grandkids #5 &6
What a cutie face Hunter has!!!

We all really enjoyed the visitors center...

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Who's Who???

Which one is Ethan.....Which one is Hunter....

A Fun Day

The hospital Chris and I work at sets aside 1 day a year for families. Everything is FREE, which is fantastic when you are on a budget!!! So, this year, we decided to go! WAS fun! The kids loved it and so did Chris and I! Here are a few pics...
There were several water slides....

Ethan and Alexis really enjoyed the mechanical bull and the climbing wall...

several moon bounces to choose from

Hunter didn't like that it was 90* and humid...but he did great...slept well!!!

Alexis loved the pony rides....

The Grand Caverns were absolutely beautiful!!!

Needless to say...the kids were so tired and went to bed early....Yah me!!!
It was a very fun day!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Alexis' funny saying of the day...

All 5 of us were sitting at the table eating lunch. Dad turned to Alexis and said...
Dad: Alexis, why aren't you eating your hotdog?
Alexis: Because I'm trying to stay hydrated (she was just busy drinking her water from a water bottle). have to know that on hot days like today( it was 90), I often tell the kids to drink lots of water to stay hydrated!!!! She's such a little funny!!!