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Monday, October 4, 2010

Alexis' sayings....

Today Alexis and I (and Hunter) were in the kitchen making lunch. Alexis was playing with the cheese, she loves cheese! Out of the blue, she says to me:
Alexis: Momma (I love that she calls me mamma!) I want to grow my hair out long for Locks of Love like Haley did.
Me: Alexis, that's so nice of you to think of other kids. What made you decide to do that?
Alexis: Well, (then there was a pause) because I want to give my hair to daddy, (with another pause), because he doesn't have any!
Me: Alexis, I love you!
I seriously had to run to the bathroom I was laughing so hard! Poor daddy, yes, he doesn't have much hair left! But, he looks great with it short! And, Alexis is just so thoughtful and sensitive to little things like this! She's my tenderheart child!
Not much else is going on here! The kids are all growing and getting taller! Chris is still studying hard for school. I'm here...just doing what I do best! I love being a momma! :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The past few nights...

Hunter has been squeazing his way into the computer chair and pretending to type on the computer the past few days! He just thinks he can get into anything! He makes us all laugh...that's for sure! He's just a busy little boy!

September days!

Hunter is ALWAYS up to something these days! He is almost 16 this age, he's the busiest of the kids so far! Well, that I remember anyway! Look at what he's been up to recently!

We finally got rid of our old piano....thank you goodwill...hopefully it will be someone's prize we have the digital where the old one was and it opens up our family room much more! The kids thought they better take a picture of it because they would miss it! They are so funny!

We went to my piano teachers wedding. Here are a few pics of the event!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Alexis First Fieldtrip....Apple Orchard

Alexis took her first fieldtrip this year at preschool to the Apple Orchard. She had a great time. I was not able to go with her...pretty sure she was the only kiddo without a parent or grandparent... they don't allow siblings to go. :( She was really excited though and had a great time. Didn't stop talking about it all day! She has opened up so much this year and has a 'best friend' Ashlynn in her class. It's so fun to watch her. I can't believe how much she is growing up.
Here are a few pictures.

Ethan is really adjusting well to first grade! He is really enjoying to read....finally. It's so great to see him...what progress he has made! We are so proud of both of them. Tonight when Ethan was doing his homework, I brought Alexis her handwriting book for Kindergarteners and she says, "Yeah, I love homework!" She is such a funny! I have to hide it so she doesn't sit and do every page! She loves to play school and really anything to do with school. :)
Hunter is growing like a weed. He is such a joy to us all! He's of course into everything and look out...he'll be on top of anything in about 30 seconds flat if your not right behind him! His latest thing is he climbs onto the computer chair, pulls out the keyboard and types ...and then trys to push the mouse buttons on the top. When I say, "Hunter, please get down!" He just grins ear to ear and giggles showing ALL of his teeth! It's really the cutest thing!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

FUN day with 4 kids...and friends!

Today I watched a sweet little boy! He's about 5 months older than Hunter! It was a fun day! We went crabbing for crayfish and caterpillars, and worms, (basically anything that moves) and fed fish with bread, played at the playground, ate lunch, back outside for more play, play, play!

First day of school....

First day of school for ETHAN....August 23rd! FIRST GRADE!!!! He was excited, can you tell?!?

First day of school for DADDY....

First day of school for ALEXIS...August 24th

Hunter enjoying the quiet!!!
heehee: It's tough being so cute!

Vacation in DELAWARE!!!

July was also the first vacation we took with just our family for a few days. We went to my parents' home in Delaware at Bethany about fun! The kids loved it and so did Chris and I! Mys sister and kids and my mom came down late Thursday to spend 1 day with us. We went to Assoteque Island to see the wild ponies, to BAJA to ride some rides, Ocean City, and Bethany borderwalk for FRIES and the concerts!