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Friday, April 11, 2014



 So, in the mist of going through all the children's clothes- I saved everything and had almost 15 rubbermaids (all sizes) of clothes...I'm now down to about 7!  That's huge!!!!  I knew I had these PJ's...and finally found them.  Perfect for this boy!
 He was so excited to wear these to bed!!!!
 Working on our letters for school...he's doing well!!!
 Here's Ryan boy...with his hat...what a stud!
 Hunter and Ryan during the day play and have a great time!

 Here you can see Ryan's 2 bottom teeth...
 He is trying to crawl....but not yet!  He is sitting up very well though...and scooting and rolling over EVERYWHERE!!!!!
 I picked up these PJ's for free at a mom's swap...they are 18 month  and fit him very well! I love that they are Thomas the Train!!!
 Ryan is trying to figure out this beard thing! 
 I love this picture of Ryan and Hunter in their PJ's.  So cute!

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