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Friday, April 11, 2014

End of March....

Mom came down with Breanna at the end of March to visit!  Bre is growing up into such a wonderful young lady!  She's going to be 14 this year in June...I just can't believe it!  She is into girlie things, one of which is nails.  I took her to get a pedicure while she was down here...I've been wanting one since it was about time!  Here is a picture of the finished product!  The lady even did a design on Bre's toes for her birthday!  I wanted to take her because I knew I'd miss her birthday this year.  We will be moving to SC 2 weeks before her birthday and it's going to be too busy to come up for it!  Happy 14th Bre!  We sure do love you.

 The lady who did our toes talked us into also getting our eyebrows waxed...something I personally haven't had done in at least a year- maybe 2!!!  The lady was so funny!  After every sentence, she'd add 'baby' to it!  It took some getting used too...and was our joke for awhile afterwards!
Ryan and Ethan having some fun!
 We took Pap-pap fishing for FHE the end of March.  We didn't catch anything...I think the water is still a bit too cold...but it was fun to get out there.  It had rained the day before we went...and the kids picked up all the worms on the driveway for bait!  AWESOME!!!
I love this picture!!!!

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