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Friday, April 11, 2014

Mid March days...

2 days after we went to Monticello, we received 14 inches of snow!  The weather has been ALL OVER THE PLACE here lately!!!  It melted quickly but took about 2 weeks to completely melt away!  I was very tired to seeing white on the ground by the time all the snow melted!  I'm READY for spring- even the kids are I think!  They didn't really go outside much to play in it this time around!

 Ryan turned 7 months old on the 12th!!!! AMAZING how fast time is going!  This little boy is growing fast and we are so glad he's in our family! Happy Ryan boy!!!  This bouncer is on loan...and he sure does love it! 
 My boys!!!!  I really love this picture!!  Ryan, Hunter and Ethan!
 Jump, jump, jump!!!

 Happy 7 months old Ryan.  You have 6 teeth, are waking up once a night and are wearing 12 month clothes.  And you LOVE food!!!

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